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奥村あゆみ  Ayumi💚July2♋️|JP is Home but my Heart is in HI.🤙|자기야~est.022017💘|起死回生|


There is not a lot of people who can handle me. Thank you for being patient and understanding even when I don't even deserve it sometimes. I know I'm not very good at opening up but to you I feel like an open book. 🙈 I love you. Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin. My yin to my yang☯️. -ends sappy post- #iloveyou @koreanhammah

Happy birthday to the man who raised me❤ I still got a lot to learn but I was able to manage because of you. We don't take many pictures but we will the next time I see you😚😚😚 thank you for being there for my dumbass when I need you the most. I love you and I hope your head doesn't get any shinier!! ❤❤❤❤

I made Gyudon 😚✌️ #noms

I'm spoiled. 💕 @koreanhammah

Lunch date with my Jagiya a few days back💕💕

#tbt 💕

You're appreciated. We fight a lot but I love you regardless ☺My angry lil cinnamon bun 💕💕 @koreanhammah

Happy belated Mother's Day to the woman who born me ✌️😂 I wish I was there to celebrate this special day with you but I'm too broke for a plane ticket 😭 we bump heads a lot but at the end of the day I miss you (●´ω`●) thank you for the unconditional love you give for our family. There is no other mom who can take care of me and deal with my attitude like you do. I love you. ❤

Day off together well spent👌 hahahhahahhaha pun intended we broke 😂 thank you for dealing with my bitch ass. I adore you❤❤

He said I look beautiful \(//∇//)\ テヘヘ @koreanhammah 💋

Feelin' lighter. 💕 #selfie

Low key upsetti that I only worked for an hour and a half today. 💕💕💕

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