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"TEVIN - NOT - KEVIN" REDVALL  | Snap: thebliitz | 18 Jkpg |♐ @kapusta_maja 22/4-18❤ ~What's up peeps?~ ~Good Chi (Good Energy Flow)#gcvo~ "Live a life you won't regret in the end"

An incredibly class with much energy and expression where we all pushed our selves to our limits!🔥 Choreo by @phuevnguyen
You know when the moment is just right and you can feel how your body wants more? This was exactly that😍

#tb 8 March 2018
I can gladly say that my dance pattern has changed and my choreos are much better😂❤

Me and my brother @kroonolle took it home at @alingsasdf I'm so proud of us and our dedication cause it's really paying off. Thank you, the dancers, hosts, dj's and @cxsweden for hosting this battle❤🙏🏾

It's 8:30am and I got nothing to do until 09:10am....hmmm how about creating a short dance piece?
I'll come to your "River" - @ibeyi2

May 28 2018❤
A small choreo on one of our extra trainings, will post more #tb videos now. Cause damn I've made lot of choreos but these ones are golden memories❤

Want to thank you all again for the amazing weekend! I will remember this for a very long time❤ #AL-IN
@salvijazelvyte @tildebirgersson

Forbbiden lust...

Thanks to @cxsweden & @tjndancefestival for bringing dancers together by giving us a platform to perform, battle and just have fun❤

Preselction with the one and only @kroonolle against my brother @mahanzirdehi and his partner Jimmie!🔥 #tjndancefestival

Long story short, 2 years ago I battled against @mahanzirdehi on VBG dance festival
This year I battled with him and we took the W together❤

First thing first congrats to my booooy @kroonolle who has been fighting tremendously over this year and finally got the result he deserves!!! I'm so fricking proud of you and I'm so happy that I got to share this special moment of yours by your side!❤ Allstyle 14-16 years old Next Generation

I on the other hand took a strong 2nd place and I'm more then happy over it, specially because of the many words and feelings I received by the audience, the extra kind words from 1 of the judges @yeyalife and even from the man himself who won the category (allstyle 17-19 years old) @morris._.__ thought I was the winner of the competition and that means a lot! Cause he was killing it🔥

I want to give a huge thank you to all my jkpg people (you know who you are!) who has been supporting me and Olle throughout our journey. This moment shows that with the right determination, discipline and respect you can go far and that hard work really pays of in the long run!!!
@studioinmotion is where's it at peeps!❤❤❤

This woman right here @aleksandrajovic just keeps on growing and takes her own classes to a whole new level each time.
The vibe everyone has while they're in the class is just outrageously AMAZING AND I FUCKING LOOOOOOVEEEEE IT!!!
Shutout to the dancers who keeps pushing each other and support each other during the classes to❤🔥
Also, squad goals cause daaaamn we were killing this choreo together peeps😍🌶🔥 #lit #killingit #pop #nsync #dance #fiyah #dead #choreography #twizted

Wonderful choreo by the one and only @amandawaern
Secret camera woman: @patriciaungurjanovic
The side of me that not a lot of people have seen😊❤
@jamesarthurinsta23 - Say you won't let go

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