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Marie  Instant human. Just add coffee. ☕️

Early mornings with the little man.

Walking the grimy streets of DC in my new Tevas. What can I say? I'm not a very classy lady. Give me Tevas or Saltwater sandals any day over any designer shoes. #tevasandals #tevasforlife

Morning coffee vibes from earlier today. P.S. It's almost Friiiiiiiday. #coffeelove #lacolombe #lacolombecoffee #lacolombedc

Butt in the air Star Wars style. Goodnight kiddo. It's been fun hanging out with you today. Even though we are both sick. You make it fun.

Super unsure about those things on his feet.

I have a new found respect for my mother. Being sick and taking care of a kid is not easy at all. She did it time and again and never complained. She is amazing and I love and respect her even more now. I hope I can be just as awesome as her. Here's to you ma ❤️ P.S. Pho for life when sick. 🍜

Broccoli cheddar quiche for lunch with a side of a cold passed on by a certain 9-month old. This evening we had some urgent care with a pinch of antibiotics. Essentially I hate everything.

The little mister knocked down one of the frames that was hanging (no one was injured) so I figured it's best to put stuff that can be stuck on a wall instead. Our solar system it is. (From @simpleshapes_walldesigns)

Ice cream and goodies but for the adults. .
#dc #dcsummer #foodtruck

In my eyes, indisposed//
In disguises no one knows//
Hides the face, lies the snake//
The sun in my disgrace//
Boiling heat, summer stench//
'Neath the black the sky looks dead//
Call my name through the cream//
And I'll hear you scream again// ~Soundgarden developed/scanned by @thefindlab

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