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🌻gяα¢є🌺  wifey 👰🏼👰🏼@lanecohen 🌈 dog mom of 3 🐶🐶🐶 eating animals is whack 🌱#vegan bosslady at @rosannasdairyfree🍦

If ya don’t know, now ya know.
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So good. Such a simple way to communicate what white privilege is.
Read it. Read it again. Don’t be afraid to check yourself and realize when you’ve made a mistake. Call yourself out. Call your friends out. Or be like my wife, @lanecohen and call your spouse out 😜

I am just so so grateful for this woman right here. She never fails to love me. Even at my brattiest and most selfish of times she is right there next to me holding my tall ass up. I literally could not do it without you @lanecohen. You are always my rainbow 🌈 shining through the rough storms 🌧. Sometimes you are also a lightening bolt ⚡️but mostly just a sweet beautiful rainbow 🌈.
#wifelife #lgbtq #happywifehappylife #rosannasdairyfree

When you tell your dog it’s Monday and you have to go back to work.

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS GUESS WHAT!!!!!????!!!! I’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to open my dream business. Rosanna’s Dairy-Free Ice Cream is actually a thing now! I’m freaking out and I’m so excited I can’t stand it. Thank you to everyone who is supporting me through this roaring whirlwind time in my life.

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It’s mah fam jam ya’ll. *not pictured: my dad.
Happy birthday Pops. He really could’ve added some symmetry to this picture but a sweet sweet memory will have to do. Still wish you was here to jam, dance and party with. We will eat watermelon until it hurts just for you though.

Hot dog - Summer in the city.

Officially 1 month down and a lifetime of giggles to go. Who knew loving someone could be this good?

Feeling so incredibly grateful for this little nest of humans (and all the ones not pictured too). My heart is full thinking about how lucky I am to know such rad fucking people.

TFW you lose your keys and have to uber everywhere for the day. Getting dosed up on my vitamin D and green juice. COME AT ME, MONDAY.

Give me all the health.

Jungle dance.

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