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😍😏💯💣🙌💯👣🙈  I want to shoot for the💫🌟✨I want to be a killa🏀many are picked👆👇👉👈few are chosen☝️I dream BIG💭🙌💰 New Page.!

No pickups #farrari14s good lookin out to my boy @freshpairsneakerstylertx

#latepost Great day wit the fam at sky zone nothing better then family man fr

#latepost all white affair the other day lookin like a✨I'm omw to stardom🌟I dress up🔥cause I know I kill the game👌💦👅confidence🙉is the key🔑to success💸💰🏤

What am I afraid of🙈this is pose to be whaT dreams🌟✨💭are Made of💯🔥😍you promised me you'd never changed💥💣

Who can put a fit together like me nobody you sadly mistaken😍😏🙌💯💣 wanna know why??? CAUSE I GET IT I GET I SWEAH THAT I GET IT SO NIGGAZ LIKE ME CAN RELIVE IT👣💯😁🔥✨

I just need you too come thru come thru girl ya know we got things to do!😀😊💯🙌😍 somebody shout me out!!! #DT

Money just changed everything I wonder how life without it would go cause from the concrete who knew that a flower would grow😍🙌💯💥💣👌💰💸💵

New page first pic!

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