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Chloe  Gliding down our hall & into your heart, on two legs🐱FB:GoChloeGo•. Inquiries:GoChloeGirlGo@gmail.com. Store: kucicat.com/collections/Chloe #gochloego

I can climb up here all by myself!! It’s my new favorite morning seat to spy on Marlene!! #ISeeYouuuuu #OhHiiiMarlene #NewWindowSeatJustForMe #ActuallyItWasForMom 🤷🏻‍♀️

My green eyed girl! 😍 #ChloeBear

Friday night. Hangin with my Dad. Just a couple of dudes, having some beers, watchin the game. #SeriouslyHeSatLikeThisForAnHour #OneOfTheGuys

This is the face that stares at me when I sit down on the couch, and have any type of food or drink in my hand. She has become Beggy McBeggerson. #HiImBeggy #AndIGetWhatIWantCauseImCute #AndMyWonkyEyesAreMyMomsFave #DairyIsMyJam #PassTheIceCreamSTAT 🍦🍨🍧

#DoogieThursday comin in hot with this gentlemanly face!!!!! 🔥

Watching the ‘Ol Ballgame with his little fluffy lady ⚾️ #DodgersVsGiantsGamesMakeMeTired #WhenAGiantsFanMarriesADodgersFan #HideTheBreakables

So many of you have sent us well wishes, asked questions and offered advice. We are excited to announce that we will be sharing our baby and beauty experiences on @babybeautywithval 👶🏻👄! We hope you will follow us there as we stay true to our hearts - being as eco friendly as possible with our baby and beauty product choices. (And yes, our kitties will be featured too!) #FromKittyRumpsToBabyBumps #ChloeIsStillNumeroUno

Charlie wouldn’t let me move her: “She’s comfy! Leave her alone!” • What about this looks comfy?!? #CirqueDuChloe 🎪🎟🤹🏻‍♀️🎭

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, friends!! 💛💚💙

“Oh hi. We are not supposed to be on this couch. Mom and Dad said no. But when they go to bed, we kick off the two giant fluffy pillows, and sleep here. It was my idea.” -Chloe Neal, Instigator Extraordinaire 🙄#DoogiesGuiltyFace #ChloesICouldCareLessFace

#TeamChloe has a fresh new look! If you purchase 2 items, get a free kitty wand toy (add wand to the cart and use CHLOEWAND code at checkout). You can find us around town with the new, black bag! Also, we get a lot of DMs on store proceeds. We use funds for Chloe's care and donate to a list of our favorite charities (including where we adopted Doogie from). Store is linked ⬆️🐱#HotGuyNotForSale

See?? My boy is eating fruit!! 🍎🍊🍋🍇🍒🥝 #DietGoals #NailingItDoogster #ThinningOut 🤣

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