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Andrew  I will be doing Rap/Hip-Hop music reviews and occasionally other genres.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West

Rating: 10/10

Favorite Tracks: Runaway, All of the lights, Dark fantasy, Power, Gorgeous, Monster

Lease Favorite Tracks: None

I find this to be Kanye’s best work. Not only because of the artistic diversity but because of how much effort it seems he put into it. You can definitely feel his grind and he wanted this album to be exactly the way he pictured it in his head.

Stoney by Post Malone

Rating 8/10

Favorite Tracks: White Iverson, I fall apart, congratulations, go flex

Least Favorite Tracks: Deja Vu

Commentary: I praise this album especially considering that its his debut album. The rap mixed with r&b tones flows together real well. I know a lot of people hate on him for “appropriating culture” but that doesn’t make him bad. I think he is a very experimental artist and that is what I like about him.

All Amerikkkan Bada$$ by Joey Bada$$ Rating 10/10

Best Tracks: Devastated, Temptation, Land of the free, Amerikkkan Idol

Worst Tracks: none

Commentary: Best Album Of 2017. His verses are incredible and he drops some serious bars. Rhyme scheme is insane. The topics of his songs are serious so it’s nice to here some serious music. My #1 album of 2017.

Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A

Rating: 10/10

Favorite Tracks: Dopeman, Straight Outta Compton, Fuck tha police, 8 Ball, Gangsta Gangsta, Something 2 Dance 2

Least Favorite Tracks: none

Commentary: This album put West Coast hip hop on the map. It was the birth of Gangsta rap. Launched the careers of great rappers who would later influence the rap game in their own right. Dre with more g Funk elements. Ice Cube with more roughness. This album will go down in history as the most influential album of all time.

Lil Pump
Rating 10/10

Favorite Tracks: Boss, Gucci Gang, D Rose, Flex Like Ouu, Youngest Flexer, Molly,
Least Favorite Track: Pinky Ring

Commentary: Lil Pump is god. Best rapper alive aMeN

The Black Album by Jay-Z

Rating: 10/10

Most Favorite Tracks: 99 Problems, Dirt Off Your shoulder, Encore, Allure, Change Clothes

Least favorite Tracks: none

Commentary: This albums was supposed to be his “retirement” album. Thankfully it wasn’t. One of the best Jay-Z albums and one of the best rap albums of the 2000’s. Top 50 rap albums of all time for me(I know you think 50 is a lot but for rap albums it really isn’t) It was put together in a short amount of time which for the quality of it is amazing. Highly recommend you listen to it if you haven’t already.

The Life of Pablo by Kanye West


Favorite Tracks: Father Stretch my hands pt.1, pt.2, No More Parties in LA, Wolves, Famous, Fade

Least Favorite Tracks: Ultralight Beam, Franks Track, FML

Commentary: Too much auto tune. Too many samples. Some were ok. Kanye thought he was being such an edge lord by doing all this weird stuff. But I miss the old kanye. It’s still a decent album though.

DAMN. By Kendrick Lamar

Rating 8/10


Least favorite Tracks: YAH, LUST

Commentary: I really like the more mellowness to the album and the samples and intros on some of the songs were cool. U2 was a good addition as a feature. The only reason why it wouldn’t be higher was because some of the lyrics didn’t make sense like on HUMBLE. when K tried to rhyme photoshop with Richard Pryor.

My Top 10 favorite rapper of all time

#10-Method Man, favorite song: Da Rockwilder
#9-Ol Dirty Bastard, favorite song: Shimmy Shimmy Ya
#8-Tyler the Creator, favorite song: Yonkers
#7-Kendrick Lamar, favorite song: King Kunta
#6-Nas, favorite song: NY State of Mind
#5-Jay Z, favorite song: Hard Knock Life
#4-Eminem, favorite song: Without Me
#3-Kanye West, favorite song: Stronger
#2-Biggie, favorite song: Hypnotize
#1-2pac, favorite song: Hail Mary

Graduation by Kanye West

Rating: 10/10

Favorite Tracks: Good Morning, Stronger, Champion, Can’t tell me Nothing, Flashing Lights

Least Favorite Tracks: None

Commentary: One if the best albums of all time by one of the greatest artists of all time. Graduation is my favorite Kanye West album and top 5 favorite albums. I really like the samples he uses and the features are interesting as well.

4:44 by Jay-Z

Rating: 7/10

Favorite Tracks:Story Of OJ, 4:44, Family Feud

Least favorite Tracks: Kill Jay Z, Moonlight, Adnis(bonus track) Caught their eyes, Marcy me

Commentary: it was a decent album but it was overrated and the only reason why it went platinum in a week cuz Sprint bought a third of the copies. Idk how it beat J Cole for Grammy nominee.

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