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The full version of my last post

My side of my trade with @normally_sad (ill send you an non cropped picture) i'm so proud of this!

Lets push off a weeks worth of math hw 😎
Edit: nvm @chenhollie said i can't sry guys

I FINSHED WOO (In order) Alexi,Cane, Dameon, and Connie


The gang, mega thighs, smol, toll, and snatched waist
(My bbys Alexi,Cane, Dameon (his name is spelled differently everytime) and Connie

More connie 👌👌😤😤

Sorry i haven't posted in forever :/ my life is really bad rn but im working on making it better 😁
Anyways new vent oc im naming her connie and she is just aaaaa

I only make quality comics

I was almost done with this and i lost the file ;;^^;;; but @eyeballs_universe is a blessing and saved this image of it 😭😭

I have alot of art coming up so they should be done this week! But for now my inkling oc susie!

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