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Pool party was chill /// Philly
@jessejambox @unogriggabyte @_mike_d
video: @graveyardbars

Cheeseburgers in paradise /// Philly
@ryancrafft @unogriggabyte

Welcome to Philly, guy /// South Phil

Philly red /// Philadelphia
@leonardsimion @normanporterco

Defense /// Hill Country

Chema's bike /// San Antonio

Wasted Days And Wasted Nights is a song that's been following me since I was a kid. Can't shake it. Sometimes relevant. Regularly on repeat at the old Bar America. Always perfect at the wrong time.

A powerful magnet y un gran amigo/
/Austin via Monterrey, NL
@cyclesvaldez #keepyourbackstraight

Spurs W /// San Antonio

Riding in boxer briefs /// Texas

Camp Wood is hard /// Texas

"I'm glad to know there are still some people who know how to have a good time in this world." - Dana Erickson, having a quiet moment talking story with me and Rowdy before introducing us to Roky!

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