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Gamze Yalçın  Visual Artist from Istanbul ✉ gmzylcn@gmail.com

The way of sunday chilling in Moda.
Painted this quick piece while hanging out with my best friends @alligatorshoez @sserpildemirci @e__o__b @oturadesign @lolakotique @lolas.touch We love Moda
As you see there is an island in the sea, that is my fav cutiest island ever

Blue cat in Athens
Painted this quick piece before leaving this dreamy city! In love with Greek blue, streetlife, people and all this mythologic goddesses 🌬️ graffiti everywhere
So glad to know this amazing land just one hour away from my hometown. Can't wait to go back!
Another amazing jammin day with @u_r_k_u 🦄

Discovering new stories in Greek mythology 🏛️
Photo✨ 🎞️ @u_r_k_u 🦄

#akropolismuseum #athens #greece

Athens. September

My First abandoned wall paintings
during our road trip. See our wall while going to
Golden beach on the north of Cyprus.
Say hello to our walls, nature is so unique in this land. Sand lilies, turtles and beautiful donkeys + my swordfish
#streetart #urbanart #goldenbeach #northcyprus

We are in the middle of Mediterranean
Having a road trip in North Cyprus for new inspiration
Painting with @u_r_k_u during my bday 🏜️
Thank you for your all lovely messages for my bday
New year bring so much! Already new suprise trip
Tomorrow heading to Athens 🏊

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another purposively, to cause vibrations in the soul.

Hey Summer! Where are you going?
Color research during #istanbulcomicsandartfestival
Painted this weekend during @istcaf next to
@shamsiahassani @sinem__yildirim @fulyafu
Big thanks for supporting @montanacans

#streetart #urbanart #istanbulcomicsandartfestival

Hey!! Bu haftasonu 7-8-9 Eylul 'de @istcaf Istanbul Comics and Arts Festivalinde graffiti kortundaki performansimiza bekliyoruz 🦄 🦓 Moda ve Istcaf ruhu birlesince ortaya sehrin en kreatif haftasonu cikiveriyor! .

Come and enjoy our #livepainting performance at graffiti court during @istcaf #istanbulcomicsandartfestival
7-8-9th September 👁️💙👁️ cooome let's hang out 🧝

#livepainting #istanbulcomicsandartfestival
#clubquartier #moda #istanbul
#montanacans #graffiti

Today this beautiful woman @nebawonders colored me and I colored this wall for her amazing project. She is a unicorn, storyteller, dreamer lives in NYC for 10 years. @nebawonders creates custom made pieces for people inspires her! Got mine today, Fell in love at first sight! this dress brings me so much inspiration now! Today while enjoying and discovering new sides of our creative world, the most special part was building our colorful friendship! Dear @curcurcuna had the best photosession ever! More pictures coming soon.
BTW mural is still on progress, I will be finishing this week with today's energy and inspiration .
#nebawonders #nebastribe #personalproject #fashion
#streetart #urbanart #inspiration #galata #istanbul
#collabration #jotunturkiye #montanacans

Zafer bayramini okulda boyayarak kutlayanlardanim 🦄
#zaferbayramımızkutluolsun 👩‍🎨
Pazartesi cocuklara buyuk supriz var
Ilk duvar resmimi ortaokulda yapmistik, golde balik tutan cocuk. Sonra yillar gecti, Filipinler'de cocuklar icin boyadik, cok sevdim, o gun bugundur sayisiz duvar boyadim, ama cocuklar icin hele de okullar icin boyamak bambaska! Bu ozel proje icin cok tesekkurler sevgili @arzukarakadilar
#art #newwall #mural #school #istanbul
#ortakoy #erkanuluokulları #primaryschool
#flamingo #tropical #summerdontgo
#montanacans #colors #grafitti

@u_r_k_u and I painted this wall last spring for #neurotitangallery Big thanks to @preh.streetart for photos After spending almost 3 months in Berlin, now ready for new walls with full of inspiration
Next stop painting at @istcaf

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