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Gabie❤️  You should only be in competition with the person you were yesterday 💪🏽 ΣΙΑ ❤️💛💙

When youre force to stay up all three days and love it!! Until next time 😍😎 #edc2018 #insomniac

The Electric Sky 😍 #edc2018

Day 2 🌌

Reposting for my friend!! Help find Blu!! If you have any information, contact @crys_boyer

Melody is off to PT School 😭. You’re an amazing person and friend!! Im so happy that never gave up on your dream and now you’re off to Texas 😱😱. When things get ruff just remember why you wanted to be there in the first place. Continue being you and dont let anyone tell you otherwise!! Now we have a reason to visit Texas 😊 “Why did you pick brown and gray balloons?! Because it matches the carpet!”

I love my Line Sisters as if they were actually my blood sisters. Our bond gets stronger every year even though we dont see each other often. Happy SIAversary to the founding line of the Brilliantly Electrifying Beta Epsilon Chapter 😁❤️ #3years #Teletubbies 🤣


Can you tell how excited I am 😃#ihaveafinalwhenigetback 🤦🏼‍♀️ #loadingmastersdegree⏳ #gifttomyself 😊 #edclv2018

When was National Siblings Day? From the Velazquez side to the Garcia side 😊 I love yah but yah each a pain on my something 🙄 #annoying

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