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I liked this scene, but is Barry gonna let his mother’s psychotic killer run off just like that? 🤔😂

Here are MY top 5 episodes of Season 4. Pretty much the only ones I enjoyed... 😂 Comment below yours! 🔥⚡️
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So guys I have made the change back to flash fandom. I think I should. Personally I believe it’s where I belong. I started this flash account and got to 18k! because it’s what I love doing. Yes I sometimes have doubts on what I should do but then I realise that having a flash page suits me better! Sorry for the constant changing but this will be the last.

[Killmonger’s Death]
Thoughts on Black Panther? I love it. This scene was just perfect. @michaelbjordan killed it as Killmonger as well. 🔥

Were you on team IronMan or team Cap?

Your guys thoughts on Justice League? Excited to hear them. 😂

It really was some hammer. Thor’s entry to Wakanda. 😍

Rate this scene out of 10!
This scene was just too good. One of my top scenes from the MCU tbh. 😂🙌

[used to be @_flash.fandom_ ]
Love this quote from Cap. The best time is when he says it in Civil War in my opinion!! 🔥

[used to be @_flash.fandom_ ]
What was with CW making all these marvel references in season 4 of The Flash? 😂

[used to be @_flash.fandom_ ]
Thoughts on Thor Ragnarok? I like it. It’s probably one of the funniest MCU Movies. But they had way too much comedy. It didn’t really take itself seriously.

[used to be @_flash.fandom_]
Thoughts on Wonder Woman?

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