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Hidden Hills

#repost from @_gabewilliams - ride with my bro through the journey of more success .
I’m really excited to share something with you guys that I’ve been working on for a while. In 2017, I decided that my CrossFit journey shouldn’t (and wouldn’t) end at practicing the sport recreationally. CrossFit as a whole means more than that to me. I saw the way it affected people’s lives and wanted to spread that positive change as far and wide as I could.
In my own experience, this sport helps in every facet of life. It decreases the chances of disease, while also fueling the confidence of individuals. If our athletes choose to embrace CrossFit methods and programs, we guarantee that 3 things will happen. 1) They will see results. 2) Confidence in their physical abilities will skyrocket. 3) That confidence will spill over into any other unknowns life throws at them.
Fast forward to 2018, and now I’m going to be able to not only do what I love, but also spread what I believe in.
COMING SOON: IronBorn CrossFit! Brooklyn’s most affordable CrossFit Box. We offer classes for athletes of any caliber ranging from CrossFit Beginner to CrossFit Expert. (And yes, you are all athletes, whether you know it or not). You guys can click the link in bio to inquire about the benefits of joining our Founder’s Club (members that join before Opening Day). Questions about anything IronBorn related are not only welcomed, but encouraged.
Whether you’re interested in CrossFit, watching a gym grow, or just fitness in general, I ask that you please follow what will be the gym’s official instagram: @ironborncrossfit and like the facebook business page (search IronBorn CrossFit).
Thank you in advance, to anyone who follows / likes / supports a small business like this one, because truth be told it’s one hell of a grind. But I’m dedicated to bringing you guys the best quality of training that you can receive.

Heading into the new year like .. #TakingAKneeDawgz #PickMeLastAgain #RockLee #NiceGuyPose


Picture 1: instantly wondering how much a backiotomy costs
Picture 2: pull-up like the diaper brand
Picture 3: leaders of #crashandburn lifestyle @joe_the_g.o.a.t and myself
Always a good time throwing down at @crossfitflushing

Face scan is so realistic in this year’s 2k ! #ballisahobby

The day I invented the #crashandburn lifestyle.

When there's no rest programmed so you program it yourself.

Wouldn't have made it through CrossFit Flushing's Summer Slam team competition without my teammate dragging me through it. Big shoutout to him and all the other athletes for the atmosphere and can't wait for the next one !

When @johnyvega7 says he wants to cry and you gotta act like you didn't hear him because he roasted you earlier 📸: @ejv13

Somewhere between playing Detective Barbie on the computer and now I became your witness. No one is more proud of you than I am ❤️ #MasterNoJedi

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