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Books  нαяяч ρσттεя ϟ ∞ ɔıνεяɢεпт ᴛнє ƒαυℓт ιη συя ѕтαяѕ☸ ⚔ тнε нυпɢεя ɢαмεƨ ρεяcч נαcκƨσп ♫ I do edit requests! DM me if you have one!

Yes this is me- I just had a two hour long swim practice and haven't taken a shower yet because I'm coaching tonight so I look kind of gross now but I'm really sexy I promise 😉😏

Well in English we're reading the outsiders and (spoiler alert) one of the questions in our packet said "if you knew you were going to die in the near future, what would you do? How would you feel?" And idek if this is sad or not but my answer was "I would stop caring about my weight and eat as much good as possible. Also, I would read as many books as I could because I would hate dying knowing that there are still books I haven't read"

I finished all my homework yayyyyy

(This isn't mine, stole from @_magicpages_ ) sorry I haven't been on lately, there's a lot going on right now but I'll try to be more active

Not sure if I like this, there's so much going on in it that it looks more like chaos than Crisis... Oh well #crime #crisis #tv #show #tvshow #fandom #fandoms #obsessed #new #omg #lol #tfios #percyjackson #harrypotter #divergent

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