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Fairytas  Costume design & Accessories | For inquiries mail to fairytas.info@gmail.com www.fairytas.com <-- fill out the commission form for costumes here!!


The dragon and the mage! It is so special to make matching outfits for couples. Would you dress up with your special someone? Which characters would you be?
See more photos of these costumes on my website www.fairytas.com

Because my clients wife liked her costume so much, she really wanted her husband to have something  matching to wear together. Luckily her husband wrote a great inspiring story about their character so I didn't had to think long to come up with something matching that could be made in the little time we had left (about a week). My inspiration for was the Ice wraiths that haunt snowy plains. I sculpted the chest piece and the ice wraith face out of worbla and worbla scraps. I inserted cat eyes and mirror lenses to create the multiple eyes and cut jagged pointy strips and layered them together to get a wild 'pointy' look to match the Crystal Ice dragons appearance. I used green as an extra color to set the two apart as individual characters, but living in the same world. The oxidized green color can also be seen in the deeper parts of the armor and gauntlet. The black robe is finished with a faux leather around the edges. The robe is huge as the client is very tall (over 1.80). Making it quite an imposing character.
Email me on fairytas.info@gmail.com or fill out the commission form to inquire about costumes. Everything is custom made to your desires and wishes

The garden creature dwells in lost and secret gardens, protecting, nourishing, and guiding those who need help.
My dress on lovely
@mariaamanda_official shot by talented @lillianliuphotography in the gardens of @kasteeldoorwerth - 🍃🌿🌸
Mail me on fairytas.info@gmail.com for custom made dresses and costumes 💫

@Regrann from @shelbyrobinsonphotos - Self portrait.
Took this a few months ago when I wanted to play dress up with a beautiful gown from Fairytas. I had a shoot arranged with Freckles Fairy Chest the weekend ahead and couldn't resist!
Found it once more last night and decided to do a little edit 💙

Dress: @_fairytas - #regrann

The Garden creature dress on Anibor during Karevamagros workshop in the Netherlands shot by @bymarije

@Regrann from @bymarije - ️ I joined a masterclass of my absolute hero @karevamargo1 today🙌🏻 she's my biggest inspiration ever and I finally had the chance to meet her and learn from her thanks to @artphotoproject
Styling; @_fairytas and model; Anibor van Keulen
#fairytale #fairytalephotoshoot #fairytalephotography #dreamy #fantasy #fantasyphotography #fantasyphotographer #magical #magicalphoto #dreamyphoto #fineart #fineartphotography #fineartportrait #portraiture #flowy #elf #elfgreen #elfish #fairytas - #regrann

@Regrann from @shelbyrobinsonphotos -
Model, MUA: @frecklesfairychest
Dress, Headpiece, cuffs: @_fairytas
Contacts: @samhaincontactlenses -

Congratulations to Sarah and Amanda who just got married in Korra and Asami style! Fairytas had the pleasure of designing both dresses for their special day.
For Asami I hand painted duchess silk and lace in a red to white ombre color on a custom dyeing frame (if you guys are interested I can show you how this was done). A generous sprinkle of red rhinestones were the final touch to this fire bride to company her Korra on this amazing day!

For custom bridal gowns email me at fairytas.info@gmail.com

Congratulations to Sarah and Amanda who just got married last weekend in Korra and Asami style! Fairytas had the pleasure of designing both dresses for their special day.
For Korra I hand dyed duchess silk and lace in a blue ombre color. I added a generous sprinkel of swarovski stones on the upper bodice to match the Asami gown.
For custom bridal gowns email me at fairytas.info@gmail.com .

Crystal ice dragon with sleeves and crystal shoulder pieces. The crystals and scales were handmade and placed to flow with the body. Email me on fairytas.info@gmail.com for your own custom dragon!

Back of the commissioned crystal dragon gown. I painted the feathers a silver ombre to create a lot of depth and to mimic a 'tail' in the back. Email to fairytas.info@gmail.com for custom made dresses like these and many others!

Commission: Crystal dragon without sleeves but with matching crystal headdress! .All the crystals on this dress were hand sculpted and cast in either resin or bendable plastic (like on the neck). #dragon #queen #ice #couture #weddingdress

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