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MooMy (MOOmoo and arMY)  💑BtsMoo [YoongiXMoonbyul] ©Tag before reposting my edits ⚠no reposting outside of insta ✈ hiatus / occasionally posts edits ⬇[RM X Hwasa] Solo FMV⬇

What I first thought when I watched byul's vcr. This is short cause I made it in a flash cause I don't have time rn. TT
I'm going back to my plates now, bye. 😢

[Hwasa X RM] Solo fmv
Full video link in my bio. I couldn't post it here because of copyright issues 😔

Thumbnail for the fmv 🌹

This is still on-work.
I made a poll before and hwasa x namjoon won, and I did say I'll start working on this after egotistic is released but I didn't had the drive to work on this because I got too caught up with hyping egotistic on twt. So, I'm sorry guys.
This would probably be done tommorow but would be posted on monday.

Is TaeIn still alive? 😂
Do not repost w/out credits or outside of insta.
Btw, happy 400 followers. ❤ I'm so happy that our family is growing.

The same lips that said "we're now one", is talking about separation.

So this edit has always been on my files and I never got to post it until now. Lol

Byul crying because why not.

[BtsMoo] Only You - Fmv full link at my bio. I can't post it here full because of the copyright 🙏

[Moon X Yoongi] I'm Not a Liar

[JinSun] Suddenly Strangers pt.3 / (please do not repost)

[JinSun] Suddenly Strangers pt.2 / (please do not repost)

[JinSun] Suddenly Strangers pt.1 / (please do not repost)

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