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Yesterday Morning
Lone Pine, California

A morning camp moment with a few of my favorite humans and my favorite doggo.

Is this overlanding? I don’t get it. Isn’t it just camping?
Tell ya one thing this is: the best humans out there.

While out scouting for a project this dude passes by me. Did he know this is what I may have been scouting for? Can’t wait for this project with some amazing humans.

While you were sleeping. Snow bunnies @lighteningmike and @courtney_ruppe snuggled up in the camper a little extra late.

Snownuts with @johnnyrussey
Johnny woke up and the first thing I said to him is, “You wanna do some donuts?” Johnny is always stoked. For everything. What a legend!

My dude @_kf114_ warming up his hands and soul with his own @reverendmotors 2-stroke scented oil. If ya know, ya know. If ya don’t, get some and find out! Chilly mornings call for special practices. Kory knows what it takes.

Brap Crew
Shot Friday in 395 zone. What a weekend! Thanks to one of the best crews out there. Missing a few key friends but we managed to have a good old time!

This feeling... If ya know, ya know. If ya don’t, I welcome you to get to know it.
Wind in your face, power in your hands, shit eating grin making your teeth hurt, only slightly in control, lost, in love with the moment, and whatever bullshit in life you’re currently dealing with 100% disappears away for that moment. Or hour. Or day. Or week. Your choice.
Turn. Twist. Breathe. Faster. Faster. Yes. Hiiiiiigh.

Freedom. Another of @itsericakim shot for @ironandresin solid women’s line.

Baja Noah rigging up to cast a few at sunset during last call while the doggos look for places to put their brown stuff. Bahia de Los Angeles.

Who’s ready for the desert?
@itsericakim shot for @ironandresin

Coming in hot!
My dude @_kf114_ shot for @ironandresin in a place where the desert slams into the mountains like Frump’s stupid wall wants to slam into Mexico and the rays of light that shine will make you stand in one spot watching our own Earth’s glory for longer than it takes an influencer to get their head lamp beam to hit the Milky Way on a camera screen. Yeah, that’s the place. Three ninety-five.

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