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Danny Lopez  🤘 Austinite in Philadelphia. 🔲Prints available.


The framing of the anomaly that is several strangers condensed, yet disjointed. Constant, yet distinct.

Subways have always fascinated me, having never grown up with them in my hometown. The way the windows can frame passengers, all of whom have their own stories, hopes, dreams, backgrounds, and demons that are as varied as the possibilities of what one can find down underground.

This past Spring, I did a project for my photography class that was all about all about capturing photos of commuters as they rode the subways. Prior to, I had never shot anything in the subways like this, and I would come to know how challenging it would be to quickly have the correct settings, focus, and composition to capture so many varied moments and people. If you happened to be in the right place at the right time but one of those were off, that moment would be lost forever.
Anyway, caption aside, here are some of my favorite shots from my project. Hope y'all enjoy!

I'll be damned, here comes your ghost again


cheese steak jimmy's

Radio silence

For some reason, I'm always amazed at the idea that little metallic cars can carry people so far and so quickly through the city like traveling through a vessel in the body.
Also amazing are the random moments you can capture in them, freezing a moment in time through your camera, like this woman making eye contact while drinking from a bottle.
tl;dr subways are cool nomesayin?

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