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Anakin&Remmy  If you've walked past our house, we've probably barked at you🐶🐾

All snuggled up! -Remmy 🐾

Happy with my gal pal-Remmy🐾

Chillin with my number one boy-Remmy🐾

I have a lot to offer- Remmy🐾

Check out my new toy💙- Remmy 🐾

We were super excited to finally have Abby home last night, she must have taken a very long walk! -Anakin&Remmy🐾🐾

It may look like this is my only toy, but it's just one of my favorites. I also have a billion more if anyone wants me to do a toy haul!-Remmy🐾

Showing my silly side this morning-Remmy🐾

Summer drives with the wind through my fur👌🏻-Anakin🐾

We don't walk, we strut- Remmy&Anakin🐾🐾

I just wanted to play, and then the paparazzi bombarded me-Remmy🐾

I don't like when things go boom boom -Anakin🐾

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