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Elina here ❤  | 1.5k 🙏❤ | Lucas liked 9x | Darius liked 2x | Aurelia liked 1x | " ily Elina"- Dari ❤ 6/18/17 | ~ Larcus is real guys 😏

I wanna write another Larcus story ....a really dirty one ▪

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I'm gonna post stuff like this idk 😂

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Lucas: Marcus you're definitely not okay! What's wrong?
Marcus: nothing what do you mean ?
Lucas: I'm your twin you can't lie to me?
Marcus: Lucas everything is ok-

Marcus got a message from someone and he knew exactly who it was.
Lucas: who is that ?
Marcus: nah it's just a twitter notification .. Marcus looked at the message. He couldn't believe it. She was already in Maryland.

Lucas: okay Marcus if you don't let me what's wrong I'm gonna be hella pissed
Marcus: Lucas ...she's back..Jennifer is back...
Lucas: and? It's not like she wants you back
Jennifer was Marcus' ex gf. She still has feelings for Marcus but he didn't want her back..she broke Marcus' heart.

Marcus: Lucas you know her ! If she wants something she gets It
Lucas: well definitely not you ! She's not getting something that belongs to me!
Marcus: Lucas.....
Lucas: Marcus shut up! If she still likes you her problem! She's-

Marcus got another message.

Lucas: What does she want ?!
Marcus: Lucas she said she wants to meet me..now
Lucas: you're not going!
Marcus: maybe she just wants to talk to me
Lucas: fine then go !
Marcus: don't be mad :( Lucas: I'm not mad I'm pissed!

Marcus kissed Lucas on the check.

Marcus: like you said..whatever happens we're always gonna love each other right ?
Lucas: yea I guess...but if you're not home in one hour-
Marcus: don't worry I'm gonna be home in one hour
Lucas: okay..bye Marcus...
Marcus: bye Lucas ily ❤
Lucas: lyt Marcus ❤

Marcus drove to a park..that's where she wanted to meet him. Marcus was at  the park and he could already see her.

Jennifer: Marcusssssssss
Marcus: Jennifer...
Jennifer: ahh long time no see Marco ❤
Marcus: don't call me like that !
Jennifer: why? I always used to call you like that
Marcus: that was in the past! So what do you need
Jennifer: I know this is a long time ago..but I still don't understand why you broke up with me..you never told me the reasons...
Jennifer: ohhh that's why..c'mon Marcus that was nothing ;) Marcus: JENNIFER-



Marcus: so Lucas and I have to tell you guys something...
Darius: Marcus we already know
Lucas: wait what?
Cyrus: Do you guys think we're that dumb not to realise that 😂
Marcus: How did you find out?
Darius: I saw you guys doing weird stuff together you guys normally don't do ..and you guys just kissed .. They talked for a little about this situation. The twins were happy that they accepted everything. Now they had to tell their parents.

Lucas: How you think they'll react?
Marcus: idk ..I mean they're our parents and they are chill about everything I think they'll react good..
Lucas: but whatever happens I'll always love you Marcus ❤
Marcus: ily ❤

There was one problem. Marcus' hoped wouldn't happen.
Lucas: Marcus you seem nervous you okay ?
Marcus: yea I'm fine :) Marcus knew she would come back he just didn't know when....

Sorry for not posting guys ❤ hope you like this chapter haha ▪

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The next day Marcus woke up first. He couldn't hide his  love to Lucas  anymore. He wanted to tell the dobre army how much he actually loves him. Lucas had no idea what Marcus wanted to do and Marcus doesn't want to tell Lucas because he knows he's not gonna like the idea
Lucas: So Marcus what did you mean yesterday?
Marcus: you're gonna see later
Lucas: why later? Just tell me now !

Marcus didn't know what to do. If he told Lucas he wouldn't let him do it.
Marcus: Lucas ...I can't hide it for the dobre army..
Lucas: hide what ?
Marcus: How much I actually love you !
Lucas: Do you think I want to hide it? But we have to ..there's gonna me sm hate..
Marcus: but I don't care about the hate! The only thing I want is you ! I don't give a fuck about the others ! And we have the best fans that support us with everything and I don't think they would have a problem with that.
Lucas: honestly you're right! Why should we hide something like this ? But first we have to tell cyrus and darius...
Marcus: I totally forgot about that..when you wanna tell them ?
Lucas: now
Marcus: now?
Lucas: yea ..I want them to know it first cyrus and darius then mom and dad and then the dobre army
Marcus: okay I guess..
Lucas: but whatever happens I want you to know that I really love you Marcus! ❤
Marcus: I love you more Lucas ❤

They looked deep into their eyes and kissed.
Darius: yo Lucas Marcus- WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING
Twins: DARI
Darius: okay umm am I seeing this right? Did you guys just kiss?!
Lucas: dari we-
Marcus: yea we did!
Darius: okay can you please explain to me what's happening?!
Lucas: okay but we need cyrus for this too
Darius: okay.. They called cyrus. Everyone was there and know they could finally tell their older brothers their little secret.


I hope you guys like it haha 😂❤ ▪

@marcusdobre @dobretwins @lucas_dobre #marcusdobre #lucasandmarcus #lucasdobre #dobretwins #twins #marcusdobre


Marcus: yea it is actually cold idk
Cyrus: you guys are weird! Okay let's go eat sushi
They all went eat sushi. Lucas wanted to payback Marcus. There was a girl and Lucas wanted to do something.

Lucas: yo Marcus you see that cute girl over there
Marcus: what cute girl you dumbass ?!
Lucas: with the blue shirt
Marcus: she's isn't cute wth!
Lucas: she is!
Lucas went to the girl and asked her for her number and she actually gave her number to Lucas
Lucas: jackpot haha
Lucas went to Marcus. Marcus was pissed af.

Marcus: you serious?
Lucas: What do you mean? We're not dating or something like that 😂
Marcus: but you're still mine !
Lucas: who said that ? Marcus stop..let's forget everything we did !
Marcus: you're gonna regret that you said that!

Lucas obviously didn't mean it. He wanted to know how Marcus would react and he's really curious what Marcus meant. All of them went back home. Lucas decided to text that girl from earlier.
Marcus: who are you texting?
Lucas: the girl from earlier

Marcus took Lucas phone and wanted to delete her number.

Lucas: wth are you doing ?!
Marcus: deleting her number obviously !
Lucas: no you're not! Give me my phone back !
Marcus: no before I delete her number!

Lucas took his phone and he was really mad at Marcus.

Lucas: Marcus wth!
Marcus: Lucas.... Marcus pushed Lucas to the wall and looked deep into his eyes
Marcus: if I say you're mine then you are mine, got it?

Lucas just nooded.
Marcus: good! Since mom and dad aren't here we should do something
Lucas: and what ?
Marcus: you're gonna see tomorrow haha
They went to sleep. Lucas really wanted to know what Marcus wants to do....

Bahaaha what even is this sorry guys it's really bad 😩❤ ▪

@marcusdobre @dobretwins @lucas_dobre #marcusdobre #lucasandmarcus #lucasdobre #dobretwins #twins


Marcus pushed Lucas away.
Marcus: Lucas..what are we doing? Why the heck is happening?!
Lucas: Marcus..I-

Before Lucas could finish his sentence Darius came in their room

Darius: guyyyysss guess what
Twins: what ?
Darius: Mom and Dad are leaving for 2 days and we have the hole house for us whooop

Marcus already knew what Lucas was thinking about and he didn't like it at all
Marcus: And where are they going?
Darius: they're out of the town
Lucas: finally than I-  umm I mean we're gonna have a lot of fun ...
Marcus: oh I know what kind of fun you mean!
Darius: okayy haha ? Well okay I'm going to the Grocery Store with cyrus do you guys need something?
Lucas: (condoms hehe) nah we don't need anything :) Darius left their room and Marcus wanted to edit the video but he couldn't stop looking Lucas.
Lucas: Marcus I'm going to sleep good nighttt
Marcus: good night Lucas .... Marcus was done editing  after 20 minutes and he wanted to go sleep too but he couldn't fall asleep. He woke up Lucas
Marcus: Lucas! Lucas wake up !
Lucas: What do you need ? I was sleeping :(
Marcus: sorry but I can't fall asleep...
Lucas: so what do you want to do ?

Marcus looked at Lucas with a pretty dirty  face. Marcus went closer to Lucas
Marcus: this!

Marcus started to kiss Lucas and he gave him hickeys

Lucas: Marcus wth! What if someone asks from who the hickeys are ?! Marcus: not my fault haha. I think I can go sleep now;)

Someone was knocking on their door. It was Darius
Darius: yo you guys good there?
Marcus: yea everything's okay!
Darius: okay I guess ...well good night
Marcus: good night
Darius left and Marcus wanted to go sleep
Lucas: I hate you !
Marcus: love you too Lucasss

Both of them went to sleep. The next day their parents left and all brothers were home alone.

Cyrus: yo guys do you wanna eat su- umm Lucas why are you wearing a scarf in the summer ? 😂
Lucas: idk it's kinda cold..
Cyrus: wth 😂

Idk hope you guys like it haha


Lucas and Marcus were know as the twins that dance in the Grocery stores. They just started a new channel with their older brothers. They post there vlogs so they wanted to do more challenges on the Lucas and Marcus channel. They wanted to film a dare or dare video and the fans could ask them dares on twitter. They took the dares and started to film the video. They were almost done with the video and they had one dare left - Lucas: so Ashley dares us to kiss each other for 5 seconds..
-Marcus: so guys Lucas basically took this dare because he wants to kiss me !

Lucas winked into the camera and wanted to kiss Marcus -Marcus: wowowow what are you doing ?!
-Lucas: I'm trying to kiss you..
-Marcus: Omg can you not....okay fine
Marcus didn't really want to kiss Lucas but Lucas waited for this moment so long -Lucas: okay go
They both kissed but it wasn't like how they expected it. They both were enjoying it sm that they totally forgot that it was more than 5 seconds -Marcus: ..that was definitely more than 5 seconds..
-Lucas: well I didn't really mind it haha -Marcus: umm yea ..that's gonna close up this video!

They ended the video and went to their room. Marcus couldn't believe that he actually kissed Lucas again.. -Marcus: How could I enjoy that ..what is his strange feeling rn...
-Lucas: im having the same strange feeling..
-Lucas: so you enjoyed it huh ?
-Marcus: no..maybe yes! ..no no no no no I didn't enjoy it at all that was gross eww
Lucas went a little closer to Marcus and held his hands -Lucas: Marcus ..let's me real ..we both enjoyed it and I know what you're thinking rn
-Marcus: Lucas I'm gonna kill you if you kiss me aga-

Lucas kissed him. He was surprised that Marcus didn't push him away or stopped him so he carried on.
Marcus POV:

I can't believe what's happening rn..why am I letting him do this ? But it feels so good omg
Lucas POV:

Is this really happening rn ? Am I actually kissing my twin brother? ..but why does it feel so right ..
-------------------------------- I know it's not that good but it's gonna get better yayayayaya

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