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❤🌹  Dobretwins❤: 4x Queen ❤👍95x💬14x 🐼 Bæ 💕👍1x 🦁 Husband💕💎👍18x Cyu❤👍 4x👍 Dari❤ 1x👍 Dobretwins bffed~4.02.16❤❤😍 Cyrus bffed ~18.11.16❤😍

I lost100 followers that way i have Posting 2 months nothing because all are Not more active but im Not giving up❤

Ly dari❤#dobrearmy

I try IT ❤😂

Happy birthday babyyssss❤❤❤❤❤

My First drawing❤

Comment pls all❤❤new video


Ly guys❤😌@lucas_dobre @marcusdobre

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