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Yami  I ain't trynna brag tho, I just know I'm that dope 💁👑 You wish I was your baby momma✋

My angel, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My one true love, the purest love I’ve ever known, I wish you only and always the very best of the best Jesiah. I can’t believe you’re already 3! I wish you could stay the little baby I brought home from the hospital forever 😫 but in these 3 years you have changed me so much for the better Jesiah, I’m more loving, more understanding, deff more patient lol all thanks to you my sweet boy. I want all your birthdays, and all your life to be about love and family, because the world we live in is full of so much hate, and “family is a safe haven, in a world that is heartless”
I love you so incredibly much my baby, blood of my blood, I live for you my sweet angel. Happy birthday my love! Can’t wait to kiss you all over your little face later 😍😘😘🎉 #jesiahalexander

And when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.. I’ll be there for you. ❤️

There’s really no reason why you’re this fucking cute 😍😍😍 my big boy I love you so much

Little face 😍
can’t believe you’ll be 3 in 4 months 😩😩 #jesiahalexander


New year. Same bad ass bitch.

This weekend was all about you my queen! All the hard work you’ve put in the last year led to this beautiful moment and you killed it!! #mybigheadbaby

Part 2 of mah berffffdayyy🎉

My love took me to a wine tasting and it was absolutely perfect, thank you so much for making my birthday so special babe, I love you so much 😘

Part 1 of mah berffffdayyyy🎉
So grateful to see another year surrounded by the realist team ever known to mankind, no new friends for sure! Thank you to everyone who came, and everyone who wished me a happy birthday ❤️ #itwasfuckinglitasdicks

Cruising ⛴

Every time he wanna dip I'm providing the sauce 😼


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