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DiploMATTS  Official FansClub of Matteo Guidicelli Twitter: @_diplomatts_ Followed by @mateoguidicelli ❤️ DiploBday: May 14,2015 Email DiploMatts_family@yahoo.com

@Regran_ed from @mateoguidicelli - Friends, family, Instagram, foodies, travelers, people all around the world!! The long wait is over!!! The Crawl ITALY is finally airing on the Metro Channel tomorrow Saturday 8pm! But we will have an ONLINE premier today on iwantTV. Don’t miss this unforgettable experience @margaritafores and I went through. This will forever be in our hearts and I hope in yours too! #TheCrawl #thecrawlItaly #metro #metrochannel @metrochannelph #italy #food #iwanttv #MatteoGuidicelli - #regrann

@Regran_ed from @metrochannelph - The long wait is over! Don't miss out all the exquisite cuisines and delicious delicacies on #TheCrawlItaly!

You can now catch all these on the online premiere of Matteo Guidicelli (@mateoguidicelli) and Chef Margarita Forés’ (@margaritafores) gastronomic tour of Italy exclusive on @iwantofficial today!#MatteoGuidicelli - #regrann

@Regran_ed from @metrodotstyle - We’re celebrating all things Italian with #MatteoGuidicelli and Asia’s Best Female Chef #MargaritaForés as Metro Channel’s The Crawl takes us to the beautiful and delicious streets of Italy. Stay tuned for the premiere of #TheCrawlItaly on #MetroChannel this December 15 at 8pm on channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD.#MatteoGuidicelli - #regrann

@Regran_ed from @uratex_philippines - The sign of having a sound night’s sleep all night. #UratexClassic #TheOne #OnlyU #MatteoGuidicelli - #regrann

@Regran_ed from @mentosph - ‘Tis the season for treats and all things sweet! There’s no better time to share your favorite Mentos treats than the holidays so make sure to grab and wrap up your goodies before Christmas day.

Get them on Shopee now!#MatteoGuidicelli - #regrann

@Regran_ed from @vitasoyph - Try this sweet cinnamon holiday treat. Made real good with Vitasoy Plus - giving you loads of calcium, plus it’s super delicious that it’ll surely light up your Christmas mood! 🎄#MatteoGuidicelli - #regrann

One of our favorites @Regran_ed from @vitasoyph - It’s the time of the year when you’re surrounded by all kinds of treats! Keep holiday snack time sweet and yummy by pairing it with a nutritious bottle of #Vitasoy that you can bring on-the-go!#MatteoGuidicelli - #regrann

@Regran_ed from @orangedorico - Sending an early Christmas gift for my beloved city ❤️ #titaofbutuan #MatteoGuidicelli - #regrann

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