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delphine & eyre  { all good things are wild & free} family • maternity • life with little viking 🌿 ~ moon child due 2018


seriously almost done blogging bebe’s nursery nook ~ even with the wild child occupied I am still struggling to concentrate my mind and form words for this post! it is almost done just got to add a few things and fingers crossed it is up tonight 👌🏻✨ but had to share some gorgeous fluff mail from @daisyandbelles

I honestly love how she loves her 😍 also how short is this month?! feel like it is already over and soon it will be bebe time!! already prepping Phoebe’s 21 month update ~ yep 21 month update! you read that right 😭 she is so fricken tall and just lean as heck, cannot believe how quickly she has grown up!

managed to take a few captures of bebe’s little nursery nook in our bedroom today but our internet was down for majority of the afternoon so fingers crossed I can prep the blog tonight and have it all ready to share sometime over the weekend ~ it has been a whirlwind of a day with a crazy toddler who seems to just get more crazy around bedtime despite actually taking her afternoon nap 😑 BUT! hope you all had a lovely Friday & the weekend brings lots of joy // {just had to share this sweet capture of the beautiful Wren bassinet sheet from @theyoungco which just makes me so much more excited to have a tiny bebe in there again} ❤️

hopefully by the end of today I will have decided on what wee adorable outfits to pack for Little Cashew in the hospital bag which btw is still very much unpacked and things are just piled next to it in a somewhat neat pile ~ 36 weeks and counting sweet babe! we just want to meet you already 😭 {how darn cute is this handmade bear beanie gifted to us by clients 😍}

I don’t want all the flowers and chocolate today ~ instead just get me all the swaddles and books that my heart desires 🤣 I kid, there better be chocolate in there somewhere! oh and someone tell my small child to actually take her afternoon nap please!! k thaaaannnnks and byeeeee 👏🏻

okay it is legit the hardest thing ever to pack a hospital bag and even decide on an outfit for this wee moon child to be ~ also her little space in our bedroom is slowly taking shape and just needs some fairy lights to make it cosy ✨ will probably do a nursery nook blog post sometime soon •

Am I the only one who raises the bar way higher for themselves or just expects they can do everything all in the same season and does not notice when your just completely drowning in all your thoughts? I mean I can totally birth a baby, go to a conference post birthing said baby and plan my first kiddos second birthday party which btw will probably cost an entire arm & leg to do because I mean she deserves it right or I do? why the heck do I do this to myself? is it just me or are these last few weeks of this pregnancy making me stir crazy, I keep staring at my stupid hospital bag that is still unpacked because I know I will have to repack it like several times, my next appointment is in like two weeks and by that time I will be full term and that just blows my mind, I need to do a last bump shoot but everything I try on makes me look soooo large and oh I am still not 100% sure on which way I actually want this birth to go because I am literally flying by the seat of my pants on this ride. seriously 😣

just some pretty florals this morning {as much as I adore my kiddos face} because we do weddings + elopements occasionally ✨see more magic @kingsandthiev.es

“we miss the rising sun that signals another day of grace in which God has entrusted us with nurturing his little image bearers to love and honour him first and foremost and forever” 🌿
this afternoon on the blog I share and reflect on how I find the time to treasure Christ in the midst of this motherhood journey ~ also share some words of encouragement for those mama’s who’s hearts desire it. And of course end it off with some recent captures of my not so little babe anymore 😣 because I like breaking my own heart {link in bio}

yesterday spent at the beach was well worth it ☀️rey bae is all sun~kissed and certainly was born for that ocean lifestyle {too bad we live in the mountains kiddo} just put up a quick little blog post with a few captures and will be sharing some faith filled goodness this afternoon on the blog so keep an eye out 👏🏻 {link in bio}

current mood ~ someone decided to not sleep like a saint last night and is currently fighting her nap like the dickens 😪 I have no idea what it is! but I would much rather be sleep deprived by a newborn than a wild toddler. how do you mama’s on here learn the art of patience? I feel like such a monster mum lately and really want to work on finding an understanding between Phoebe and me before jumping to irrational, emotional outbursts 😣 please share any advice you have dealing with toddlers!? on a good note I decided on how I want her current bedroom to look like when we get her a big bed which will all hopefully fall under the same circle around her second birthday so a fair few of the pieces we can use for decor in the celebrations which I gotta admit the theme in mind is just perfect 🙌🏻

{BLOG} life with little viking ~ Rey’s twenty month update is now live. Cannot believe she is almost two and going to be a big sister in a few short weeks 😭 I am so ready for that fourth trimester with a newborn and to love on both my babes for the rest of the year which will surely be one massive blur of blessings! {link in bio}

{31 weeks and counting} seriously just want to meet this moon bebe already ~ Phoebe is teething again which has resulted in restless nights for us all and I am so ready to welcome those newborn sleep deprived blur of days {may choke on those words} but this bebe girl is running out of room & this mama is reaching that point of utter uncomfortableness. I keep forgetting that I need to start packing some sort of hospital bag and also need to start organising the wee nursery nook in our bedroom, things feel like they are getting away from me but I am thankful for the beautiful collection of goodies awaiting bebe’s arrival {it is so very hard to not get every single thing on my Pinterest boards but compromise has been yet again been one learning curve for me personally} I just want to say a huge thank you to all the Insta homegrown stores that I have bought special items from or even been lucky enough to be blessed as a gift with ~ the amount of time, love and creative goodness you pour into your products and businesses shines brightly and I am so very thankful to have found such inspirational creatives and mamas 🌹

After not being able to sleep for two hours last night I took complete advantage of her tired cries and instead of getting frustrated at her not settling back to sleep herself I gathered her up as best as I could with a bump in the way and held her close. Sure I was probably sitting in that chair for maybe half an hour or more but in that moment I was humbled and thankful to God for giving her to me, I kissed her forehead and buried my face in her childlike hair which still has hints of her baby smell while she pulled me closer and stared at me in content. God gives us those moments to worship him even if our hearts are filled with exhausted frustration He opens our eyes to grace. It is pretty easy for me to get overwhelmed by the stresses of motherhood, when they do not nap and the day feels like a hell of a weight on your shoulders {lets be honest most days are like that} but I really pray that this new season of being a mother to two teaches me to worship God in those desperate situations, to lean on him and cover myself and my actions in patience • 👏🏻

this first week of 2018 has been the longest for me ~ maybe it is the excitement of what is to come this year or just the millions of things that I actually need to get done before bebe #2 comes along {legit loosing sleep over all the things running through my mind} struggling to decide to have a baby shower or not because my mother heart thinks in the years to come the second child will have her feelings hurt that we did not celebrate her like we did her sister • but then I think I might just combine Phoebe’s second birthday, go all in on planning for that and celebrate them both then but that will only be in May {plus I am legit running out of time to actually organise a shower because I feel like this wee one could come at any moment} what did ya’ll decide to do in celebration of your second baby to be??

huge thank you to all those who have followed us on this journey of Delphine and Eyre, allowed us to capture the sweet memories and featured any of our work ~ we are humbled by all the love guys! we say farewell to 2017 but the new year brings so many surprises and blessings, cannot wait for it to all unfold into something beautiful 🌹

{blog} Christmas 2017 ~ this blog post is a few wee captures of our Little Viking delighting in her second Christmas but also a whole lot of honesty about parenting and making decisions as a growing family, what the season means for us and what this season has taught me as a mother • link in bio ✨

putting the final touches and thoughts into a Christmas blog post for this afternoon and also a little year in review post just before the new year. So in love with this gorgeously made woodland puzzle from @jo_collier_designs {Rey loves them as well of course} I also got some beautiful prints for Little Cashew’s nursery nook and they are just divine! 🌹

{merry christmas}
from our little family ~ hope its filled with many blessed memories & so much joy ✨

just put the wild child down for a nap 👏🏻 hoping she actually takes one • but will take this “quiet” moment to blog a big sister, sentimental, letters to my daughter {call it what you will} kinda post because I am so not emotionally ready for Phoebe to not be our only wee babe and for her to enter the joyous, forever bonds of sisterhood ~ if this bae comes out a boy then well we are all screwed 😂 but this little blog post is just me sharing pieces of my mother heart 🌹 {link in bio}

it’s monday and heck this mama is feeling it! cannot believe in a few short days it will be Christmas 😵 thought I would share Phoebe’s nineteen month update this morning probably share a little sentimental blog this afternoon and perhaps put together a year in review of all the lovely shoots we did this year! so her nineteen month is now live with a bunch of golden captures of our wild child 👏🏻 {link in bio}

been prepping this kiddo’s nineteen month update and a little big sister post just to make the next week a bit easier leading up to Christmas ~ we randomly took a few captures of her the other day and they turned out so darn adorable I just had to get everything sorted • also why are toddlers the cutest when trying to figure out new things 😂 {she certainly really is my mini muse} this onesie is sooo incredibly soft and I really wish it came in my size! so in love with it! thank you so much @bamlovesboo

Is it just me? Or am I the only one over here feeling this immense pressure from everyone’s beautifully styled images to produce something of equally greatness on my own feed ~ I am being so overwhelmed by perfectly baked cookies, insanely gorgeous styled real Christmas trees and wee sleeping babes covered in sparkly lights all the while here I am fretting over posting a bump shoot my husband did for me because I wanted to appreciate my body at the point of this pregnancy where I actually liked it. I wanted that perfectly, styled boho, carefree look that I see so many beautiful mama’s on here sharing but we are our worst critics and it takes me all of my entire being to share these captures of myself at something past twenty weeks pregnant but I shall share it nonetheless because even though the pressures of what is actually beautiful on here is blurred and no I did not get that perfect capture of my first kissing my belly and no she did not want to be held for second, my “lingerie” if you will is some crud that I found in my drawers that actually looked acceptable and my kimono is not of the ethereal boho designer line ~ but these captures are me, pure and simple and pure and simple though I may be they are all me, just me in my simplest form and phase of raw, real motherhood // {link in bio}

of course I have to do a shout out to the amazingly talented Haleigh @sweetsequels for creating & crafting this beautiful wee book for me • a much belated birthday gift to myself because I mean who has not fallen deeply in love with the world of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series! the amount of detail on each page and the handmade efforts are just beyond anything I could of imagined, so huge thank you again and certainly go check out her other goodies for all book-lovers alike. 🌲

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