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delphine & eyre  Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer | Blogger @kingsandthiev.es | @carisse_kingsthieves Mother to Phoebe Rey + Zoey Cassian

I love the bond these two are forming, Zoey finds Phoebe’s wild side so entertaining and always chuckles at her big sister while Phoebe always says “oh bubba” when Zoey is crying and goes to fetch her dummy for her. I cannot wait for the days when Zoey starts walking and just follows Phoebe around all the time 😭 she already wants to be involved in everything Phoebe does now and also wants to eat all of her food. It’s as if Zoey was meant to be here all along and I am so thankful that God blessed us with her sweetness.

my poor squish is teething hard, she is constantly seeking me out for comfort and reassurance. At night it is the worst, exhausted as I am and frustrated with her restlessness I have to remember that this is all new for her. last night she slept a solid five hours which was very welcomed and I actually woke up so refreshed this morning. side note ~ her 6-12 clothes are already looking snug on her {um what?} she is only seven months so I am baffled guys.

forever my little babe, braving the bees surrounding those flowers ~ you are much more braver than your mama thats for sure! #springisnotmyseason #scaredofallthebeesandflyingbugs

{blog} finally our Forster trip is blogged and all the captures are up! including Zoey’s seven month update! here are a few snippets of my wee Little Cashew {link in bio}

happy seven months my sweet moon child ~ oh Zo, your a pure delight! you figured out you can pretty much laugh at anything now, your bird chirps are quite adorable and your smile lights up my heart. You are so close to crawling and have mastered sitting up nicely. You love your big sister, admire every single wild thing she does and your still one cuddly little koala bebe. Probably going to start planning your first birthday sometime soon because 1. I am crazy and 2. it is going to sneak up on me for sure. love you Zazu {you have a million nicknames}

Phoebe has become the master of puzzles all of a sudden and now all I can think of is getting her more for Christmas 🙈 she loves this gorgeous puzzle by @jo_collier_designs and speaking of Christmas, I already want to put a tree up {we don’t even have a tree} the raining mountains weather is just making me want to go all out festive {husband thinks I am crazy for thinking so} but I am just excited for Christmas this year and set on finding some beautiful keepsakes and gifts for the girls ~ already drooling over all the amazing finds in @misskyreeloves curated Christmas guide! so many beautiful things! now to just make a list 👏🏻

seems that around this time of year my brain decides to go all wompy ~ my mind is just scattered everywhere with ideas for projects, upcoming events such as Christmas, Zoey’s first birthday and my 30th not to mention those normal motherhood things such as venturing into potty training with Rey and sleep training Zoey. I just feel like I have so much on my plate that I can barely sort them into which one comes first. Some days are good and I make small achievements but majority of the time I am just one hot mess by the end of the day. I feel as if motherhood in this season for me is just seeping away the best parts of my soul and leaving the barren, dirty bits to just grow like weeds within me {hell even that sounds dramatic} honestly I think I just need a proper nights sleep for once! I feel like I am just barely holding onto existence and I swear a month ago I was a little bit happier than what I feel now. I think the end of the year is catching up to me and there is just so much to get done and to do that I cannot see any time to even rest and relax. Does anyone else get crazy at this time of year or is it just me? 🙈

cannot wait for the day I can share this mama and babe session I did with one creative mama! today has just been one of those days with the little ones and now finding some time to just be at peace before the weekend begins.

{blog} MAMA MAGIC ~ finally I get to share this beautiful in home session I did with a dear friend of mine and her sweet little bebe ~ this one is special to me because I was actually holding Zoey majority of the time while shooting so these captures are not ideally what I imagined for this session but they hold some sort of power over me in the sense that they are blurry and moments are barely captured, but isn’t that what motherhood is? thank you Isabel for letting me capture these, you are honestly so beautiful in this season of life God has blessed you with! {link in bio}

{blog} I am back! finally and just blogged our September Book Haul Review 😍 featuring a whole bunch of lovely books ~ we are back from our teeny holiday which btw was just insanely stressful with two little ones, never try to go to the beach near nap time 🙈 lesson learnt! but we made some lovely memories and I will be blogging our trip soon! {link in bio}

where did my little baby go?! guys help my mama heart cannot deal right now. in a few months she will be three 😱😭 {we are on a little family holiday in Forster today so will be quiet on here so keep an eye on my stories}

finally got around to blogging this wee cherubs six month update! it is now live guys {link in bio ~ arise} she also took her immunisation needle like a champ and only cried for a second 👏🏻 so much braver than her mama!

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