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delphine & eyre  Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer | Blogger @kingsandthiev.es | @carisse_kingsthieves Mother to Phoebe Rey + Zoey Cassian

when you love them so much you just gotta squish them 💕 thank you @cedevinee for venturing to the mountains with your little ~ so grateful to be able to capture mama’s and their babes, feels so good to get back into shooting again.

oh my sweet girl 😭 your soo different to your big sister but you already share the same wild spirit. I love the way you stare at her in awe and your eye’s twinkle when she is nearby. She gives you the sweetest kisses and helps us with your diaper changes, she pushes your pram and gives you your dummy. Your sisterly bond is growing each day and I know you two will be the best of friends for life. we love you Zoey and you are a pure blessing our lives.

{blog} Zoey’s four month update is now live! I took alot of photographs of her sooo it’s a long one but your ovaries will totally thank me 🤭🙈 cannot believe she is already four months and she will be a year old in no-time at all {link in bio}

Isabel ~ you wild beautiful soul, thank you for letting me into your humble abode and for capturing you and your little. you have a beautiful strength about you as a mother and I am in awe of the woman you have grown to become ~ thank you for being patient with me as I held my own little with one arm while capturing you two in your element • ✨ {we have limited spaces for mama and babe sessions so dm for details}

last night could of been a little better, thankfully Phoebe only woke twice and settled back down {I even managed a cheeky sleep in/cuddle in her bed, because it’s really comfy} Zoey on the other hand, frustrated me with her constant waking when I put her in the crib and managed to make me shed some tears from just wanting to sleep 😪 any tips for transitioning baby into a crib please throw them my way 👏🏻

when you get new crib sheets and they match perfectly with this gorgeous Outlander bebe book ✨😭 hurry up Netflix and put Season 3 up already please!!

Phoebe’s big girl bed is due to arrive today and I am all kinds of excited!! her room is still a crazy mess of things that need to be sorted and there is still a tonne of goodies that need to magically be bought 🙈 also have editing and blogging to do today but how can I when I am so darn excited for this delivery!!! I honestly don’t even know what day of the week it is right now 🤨 #oneofthoseweeks also Zoey is due for her four month needles and I keep delaying booking her appointment because my mama heart is just not ready for the tears

heck kid you are just so darn adorable I could have ten more just like you 😭🤔 • thank God for blessing us with this cutie every single day #blessed

I got some time to quickly take a few photographs of Zoey for her four month update and guys honestly I want to share every single capture that I got because they are just so darn adorable 😭😍 bloody heck! going to have one long blog post to share very soon! but for now I will probably just spam ya’ll for the next few hours or days 🙈

happy four months my sweet Zoey ✨💕 you mastered rolling over in seconds and your already teething apparently because your hands are always being chomped on and the drool oh the drool. you have to have something to hold onto when falling asleep and your favourite place to slumber is in our arms. you adore watching your big sister be wild and you certainly are keen to follow her with your already attempts of crawling 😱 your growing up fast my girl and it breaks me heart but I am so excited to see your personality shine through in these next few months •

Heyyyy McDrools ~ 😘

if you missed my stories miss Zoey mastered rolling over yesterday so an immediate trip to Ikea is a must because rolling over means no more bassinet 😭 which means now we can start putting the girl’s room together with the pieces that I have already collected so far 🤗 so excited to see it slowly come together ~ here is a beautiful close up of a few faves.

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