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🌴 David Lè 🌴  I f**k up on the simplest things 😩🤧😭

I’m not impressed typa look 🙄😤😪

Picture ready all the time. I swear they can detect a camera from a mile away 😬.

I swear this swing looks way different 4 years ago

This is why I stay behind the camera cause I’m pretty weird and awkward 😬

Both cried cause they have allergies, technically wouldn’t have gone here if I knew that. Also I can’t eat as much as them and it hurts my pride a bit 😭😭

She’s chilling and I’m freaking out because she almost slipped 😐

Do you even skate though 🤔?

When I said it’s not time for boba yet 😂

Though the trip was short it was very relaxing to get away from things. Thanks Kevin for having us.
PS: some people became sus LOL

Why does the jeans look so crisp

I question how we became friends pc: @ivanly38


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