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Daughter of 🌞 & Daughter of 🌊  "Fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up." -Tobias Eaton. PERCABETH FOREVER!!! Dauntless/Divergent. Insult me. I'll be ok. Insult my otp. You die.

Hi guys this is the co owner. I'm really sorry guys, I know I haven't been on for WEEKS but you see, I can't just handle the account, I have like 20 others! So I will be giving this account away. If you are interested, please DM me on my other account @typicalfangirlshere , I will decide who gets the on Monday, so act fast!!!!!

1. I dislike metros
2. I like walking in malls barefoot.
3. My best friend (@harry_potter___fangurlz) is 2 days older than me.
4. I like high socks.
5. My favorite song is All of Me.
6. I'm short for my age.
7. I dislike painting my nails unless I'm getting them done.
8. I'm a lefty.
9. I have a 14-year-old bro
10. My room is normally very messy.
11. My mom is a lifeguard, so I'm at the pool almost everyday.
12. I'm 11.
13. I live in Alabama.
14. I'm learning to play guitar.
15. I hate onions an mushrooms.
16. I love the TV show Psych.
17. I have hazel eyes.
18. I LOVE Pringes.
19. The walls in my room are blue and green.
20. I'm gonna miss ever one a lot!!! 😭
Okay. Goodbye.

The Capital doe!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ -🌞

So true -🌊

Leo x4😜 -🌞

Nico😜 -🌞

Percabeth😜 -🌞

Hazel😜 -🌞

Leo x2😜 sorry I wasn't papering earlier my iPod died and I couldn't find my charger. -🌞

Leo😜 two things first I'm not gonna be active this week cuz I'm leaving for DC in the morning. Second my co-owner will be taking over the account completely at the end of this month. 😒 -🌞

Nico😜 -🌞

Viria spam starting... NOW!!! ps. Ship in the background😜 -🌞

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