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Stretching ✨
I love love love stretching; esp hip openers. I use my hip a lot *ex; squats, deads, kickbacks every week etc.* Stretching has helped me with my training so much. It has helped me with my mobility, performance, flexibility, and ROM. Not only that, but it’s helped correct my posture, and it’s a great stress reliever while calming the mind. Dedicate 10 min everyday, and watch wut happens. 🌈

Saturdaze 💭 Hope y’all are having a great day. Thx @freskincare 💕 for helping me out with skincare routine before and after my workouts. Feel free to use my code ‘daniicakezz’ at checkout. ✨

Friday night turn up @womensbest 🌸

225 for 16 REPS YO 🤙🏼 shoutout to @etra for the liquid chalk and @jujimufu for the ammonia 🧨

💕@womensbest 💕
Today was pull day! 🤙🏼 Today’s workout consisted of:
Warmup set:
1x5 135
Workin sets:
1x3 185
1x2 225
1x2 225
1x3 225
1x1 275
1x2 275
1x3 275
Tbh, I was supposed to hit 290,
but I didn’t have my belt tonight :’(
Stiff LDL: 3x10 135/95/95
Pull Ups: (assisted bc i iz heavy) 3x10
BB rows: 3x10 65/55/55
Shrugs: 3x10 65/65/65
DB curls: 3x10 15/15/10
Hammer curls: 15/10/10
*** 3x10 means 3 sets of 10, and the numbers with slashes are the weights I used in each set! Any Q’s?! LMK!
💕Sippin on @womensbest BCAAzz💕

Finally Friday 🤘🏼 Here’s my 295 SQUATY!!! Let me just say, I neverrrrrerr thought in a mili years that I would ever lift weight this heavy. If you asked 120 lb Danielle back in 2013, “Do you ever see yourself squatting 300 lbs?” I would said, “um, hell to the nah nah nah.” Lol. My first year in the gym, I was sooo sooo content staying at a 135 squat, *also with a 135 dead/ 95 bench*.... I told myself, “as long as I get that plate, I’ll be content with where I’m at.” I stayed at 135 for about a year or so, I believe. I was in a mindset that “heavy weightlifting” was only meant for “strong people.” Back then, I never considered my self a physically “strong person.” But that was only my mind/mindset telling me otherwise, and I truly believed my thoughts 100%. Fast forward to now 👉🏼 it’s all just a mental game!!! Your mind is such a powerful tool, and if you think that “you’re weak,” well.... you’re weak. If you think you’re strong, you’re strong. When you have power over your mind and thoughts, you WILL find your strengths. Mental strength is a hard thing to overcome *still personally working on it* but once you get a taste of it, it gets easier to train it/practice it/use it. The mind is such a powerful force! Don’t let your mind enslave you, but empower you! 🦋Thanks for joining my ted talk. Good day. 🤘🏼

🎶 Oldie but a goodie: Hypnotize by System of a Down 🎶

It ain’t EZ bein’ meaty 😂 Esp when it comes to food intake, and lifting a 💩 ton of weight. I just hit a REP PR tonight guysssss! 💦 I did 4 SETS OF 8 REPS WITH 225 on squats!¡ Furstt of alllll, I have never EVER hit ONE set of 8 with 225, like EVER in my life, and the fact that I did that 4x blows my mind! It’s amazing what the body can do when you get your mindset right/strong/focused etc. Each set, I literally died and then came back to life lmao, buuut really... ☠️ Will be uploading to YouTube A$AP! Make sure to sub to my channel! okurt 👉🏼 link in the biooooo. YouTube always sees it firstt🤘🏼😏 #ididntchoosethethicclife #thethicclifechoseme

I felt like tha shhiettt after this lift 😂 135 for tres 😅 Hype team: @fitnessa24fit @_shaelashae 👯‍♀️ Determined to get this weight to moving like butter!¡ 🥞

One yoga sesh from a good mood ☯️

Happy International Womens Day! 💕 @womensbest couldn’t be more hyped to celebrate today of all days! You can get 25% off your order + free shipping using “WB25” 😝 @_shaelashae and I leg pressing each other, bc gurlz just wanna have fun! Duh 😂 Just wanna say that I Iove and appreciate all women, from all walks of life! 💕 We are all amazing, strong, and badass in our own unique ways. 💕 Going to spend the evening with my #1 hype team tonight! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ @womensbest

Howdy y’all! 🤠 Guess what?! My new YouTube video with my 295 SQUAT is now L I V E! Go check out tha link in my bio, and choose “YouTube,” or you can simply search DaniiCakezz on YT as well! Thx for tha support 🤘🏼 you da bess 💕 @womensbest 👌🏼

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