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danier hunt  Single 💯 Prolly somewhere 💨🍃 Employed💪 Follow me on sound cloud @danier hunt

"They say what goes up must come down, everything comes back around.. Guess thats why they never seem to hear me when I scream and shout"

Man do you mean a lot too me. You're not even blood but there ain't nobody that can't tell me you aren't family💯 you're my older cousin, no you're like my older brother. You always push me to do my best and I dont know what I would've done or where I would be without you. No matter what I know I got you through thick and thin and you know its the same for you. Love you big cuz🍃👽💯

"Up my self esteem now I think imma dog" #thugger

Let me shout out someone special to me on a very special day. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to be my mentor and someone I have looked up to my whole life! I love you dad happy fathers day!

First off know I do it for the real ones💯💪

Had to post this😂 this shit too funny!

I just wanted to say happy birthday to someone I care for dearly... I font know what I would do without you even when I'm at my lowest you always seem to pick me up! Even though you're sassy and spoiled you're also very caring and you also like to jam out to Lil Ricky wit me sooooo I guess youre ok😋 happy birthday sass!

Just a little something to post💯 its very rare you catch me in a pic alone😂😅

Its a nice day so why not a nice pic with my favorite😎🤗

"I always remain the same, I do this from dae2dae, I hope the day is near thats how you pronounce my name"

We gotta stay our lane so we can pave a new way for the youth to elevate it.

Stolen but #tbt to the wiz concert

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