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Hey look, I took my septum piercing out for a photo, and it looked and felt weird as fuck.

Guess the butt 😍 #vulvodynia

The light in my room seems to be in a very inconvenient spot for selfies.
P.S. I also rarely wear pants. Soz.

I'm a dick head and agreed to do overtime, but at least it's casual dress.

Lucifer is a God. You’re all sheep; all accepted mass human sacrifice. But a new leader follows rituals. We suffer at their hands. A man masked as God.

And so another week begins.

I've decided that I'm too old to stay out all night. 😴

As of late, I feel as though everyone has turned against me, and has been disregarding everything I say or just ignoring me completely. I'm really tempted to curl up into a ball and just go back to my old ways of never letting anyone in lol.

Hey look, I'm wearing something that isn't completely black.

This mirror makes it look as though my legs just go on forever.

Really shitty, but yay new house selfie.

New room is pretty as hell.

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