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static-head  cocaine guns of jam down town


Brat Sampson (real) says: Eat pant.

Hahahahahhahhahaahhhaaaha funny weed number haha.

I love Mothman but I don't know how to draw him??? #cryptid #mothman #art #drawing #help???

I'm on holidays in Portugal rn so posting will be slow or completely absent for the next three weeks but I have a couple of sketches I did on the plane and during the trip. #fresnonightcrawler #cryptid

Drew this for @rayed.up.memes ! He's a really cool guy and his memes are top notch, go follow if you want.

Lmao self-depreciation post. I also added a coloured one cause why not?

Thanks for 400+ followers by the way guys, it means a lot to me <3

one of our trees just fell down and broke the fence in our garden wtf,, feat. my dad + doggo

I'm so close to 400 followers what--
what should I do?¿?

other accs: omg I'm so sorry for not posting for the past couple of days I hope you guys can all forgive me!!¡!! ¡
me: *posts a half-decent OFF sketch with a shit ton of filters on in attempt to try and make up for not being active for the past month and a half*

i feel sick

ok i think i might do some drawing today idk

i haven't posted since basically last year and suddenly it's my birthday!
i'll try to post more from now on

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