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Juan  Just a 34 year old guy trying to figure out what I'm doing with my life. Enjoying the ride along the way.

I won a literal bread basket at my works Thanksgiving luncheon raffle. #alldacarbs #carboload

That sky #sunset #dtla

Thank you Stan, for everything. I'll never forget Comikaze when while you were being escorted out and were passing me by I said "hi Mr. Lee" and you patted me on the shoulder and replied with an exuberant "hey!" I never got to take a photo but that memory will always stay with me. #ripstanlee #thankyoustanlee #excelsior

Orange haze in DTLA from the fire's smoke. #theworldisburning

Stopped by @comicconla after work to see some familiar faces. Was nice to see and chat with @pasteljellies @elizabethrage @alexdrastal and @autumnzoldyck for a bit. #todoroki #todorokicosplay #icyhot #bowsette #lacomiccon

Inadvertent cool pink light at work.

Happy birthday to the amazing and lovely @dersite today! I hope it's a great day for you.

When I got in to work, they had put some birthday decorations up in my cubicle. #34 #birthdaytime

I'm torn by this, on one hand it's nice to have a ramen place in DTLA just a block away from me. On the other hand it's just gonna bring more hipster dbags to DTLA. Also, I've had their ramen at the Silverlake location and it's alright. #DTLA #ramenislove

The force is strong with this dad shirt. I have a mighty need.

Comment "what the shit" letter by letter for a chance to win nothing at all. #instagramlately

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