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Going to wear my best leopard print in memory of Azzedine today. This fall '91 collection was peak perfection. 🖤 Know your history, RIP #alaia


Friday night lights?

Breakfast with champions

When I started directing, I had all these crazy ideas in my head that I had to get out. One was a video tribute to the two men I share a birthday with - Hugh Hefner and Marc Jacobs. I saw myself in both of these guys, but I also was aware of how they made money off women's bodies. I wanted to reclaim the female gaze and put my own spin on it, while melding our aesthetics. So I made this crazy film called Me, Marc and Hugh and released it on our birthday — April 9th. Playboy and Marc Jacobs both tweeted about it and the video ended up everywhere from Vice to GQ.

I watched the film for the first time in years last night when I learned Hef had died. I appreciate how the younger me didn't care about getting the best camera or a proper lighting set up or money for locations. Back then it was all about getting an idea out and finding my voice. And thank god because it's my voice that has led me to any success I've had in the past 5 years. We had so much fun shooting this—the crew was all women, but I wasn't trying to cash in on some feminist trend (feminism wasn't a even a "trend" yet, as it is now)- I just wanted to have fun with my friends. And I think that's what filmmaking should be about.
Thanks for being both an inspiration and a foil, Hef. I'll remember you fondly 💕💕 And shout out to @scudmore for editing this. My true feminist friend 🖤

My father died last week. This is a photo I took of him a few months ago at his last chemotherapy session. He was cracking jokes with the other patients, charming the nurses and I wanted to capture and remember this — that whatever he did, he did with style, even chemotherapy. So shout out to this nut, thanks for the blue eyes, the blind ambition and a blue print for a life well led ❤❤




Happy Birthday, Shawty ❤😘

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