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Claire Edmondson  Filmmaker

Always happiest when filmmaking 🖤🎥

When you get to build your own food truck festival @doomsdayent @brutes

Going through old photos, found this from an @austraaa video I directed.

Final scene day 2, a few weeks ago in Florida. It was nice to shoot with @peter_hadfield again. Missed you bud! 🎬🖤🎬

It's been an interesting week filming around Florida.

DOP @brutes bringing the beauty to my short film last week #femalefilmmakerfriday

Shot my short film over the weekend! This was taken before dawn while setting up the first scene 🖤🎥 #bts

It's #femalefilmmakerfriday so here's a photo of me on set yesterday directing a commercial with @anomaly. I love this hashtag and the concept behind it. When I started directing I could name only a handful of women directors and I was obsessed with them. Visibility matters, it chips away at the unconscious bias favouring men that is still prevalent in our culture. I love being on set directing, nothing makes me happier ♥️🎬♥️

Sorry Toronto, we're keeping her. Happy birthday @hannahgraham We love you! 🖤💕👑cc: @natalieraerobison

This is my meerkat impression