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Cinnamon Cosplay 🐝  🥔 Little awkward Swedish potato 🥔 Likes cosplay 🧙‍♀️ Movies 🎬 And food 🍕

Finally my Mercy staff is sanded and put together!! Now on to the fun part: painting

All 3D printed parts for witch Mercy’s staff 🧙‍♀️🎃 3D printed by: @triple_helix
And the electronic stuff is also fixed by him 👌

Older photo that I don’t remember if I posted or not so here’s some Rey 👌❤️

Okay but Netflix is making a new live action avatar show?! I’m scared but excited 😆
Aang: @astermads
Katara: me
📸: @iceoftin

~What could have been~

Working hard on my Mercy, it might be done for the sci fi convention but I’m starting to doubt it. Meanwhile here’s a picture of some dorks ❤️

And yea I’m officially halfway done with my mercy cosplay! Yea I’m holding the cardigan (or whatever it is) a bit weird cause that part isn’t done 😂👌

This is seriously my new favorite photo from #närconsommar2018
We had so much fun when we took these photos😂👌

Some witch Mercy progress!! 🧙‍♀️🎃 It’s actually really fun to work on even if it’s a lot of weird spikes to sew 😂👌

After a week of vacation I got back to work today, and I’m so exhausted haha 😂 but it’s nice 👌 📸 and edit: @robertjohannesson
Costume made by me
Leather parts made by patina leathercraft

“I’m so glad you’re my partner in crime.
As long as you’re my partner in time.” Max: me
Chloe: @officalcath 📸 @swedishsparrow
Edit: me

So yea I actually started working on my Witch Mercy again, after like a years brake on it.
Feels nice to get some work done on it! 👌🧙‍♀️

Light. Darkness. A balance 📸: @robertjohannesson
Edit by: @robertjohannesson
Costume made by me
Leather parts made by: patina leathercraft