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Cinnamon Cosplay 🐝  🥔 Little awkward Swedish potato 🥔 Likes cosplay 🧙‍♀️ Movies 🎬 And food 🍕 Next convention: Sci-fi world Helsingborg

“I need someone to show me my place in all of this”
Another great picture by the amazing @robertjohannesson
Keeps blowing my mind with every photo!! Costume made and worn by me
Leather parts made by: patina leathercraft

Heading home from Oslo today, I miss my bed and dogs so much haha.
And also this was me the entire week bc of hills

Still in Oslo but I got a cool picture from the photo studio at närcon! 📸: @iceoftin

Oslo is so nice and beautiful, I’m used to flat land so that’s a big difference 😂👌

Hey go check out my bae @millahwood
She’s my precious little trash and I love her so much!! So go check out her awesome cosplays

Got another photo today from the photoshoot I had with @robertjohannesson
And holy shit look at this amazing photo! Can’t believe how amazing this is!! 😍❤️❤️ Cosplay made and worn by me
📸: @robertjohannesson
Leather parts made by: patina leathercraft

A future cosplay?! Ellie from last of us 2

I wanted fake blood for this but didn’t have any at home and I’m to lazy to make it cx

I also met @maul_cosplay during #närconsommar2018
Such a nice person and it was really nice to meet him!
Happy potato here 😂👌🥔

Finally in my own bed after a fun but tiring #närconsommar2018
I always love to cosplay trash with my baes ❤️❤️

Yesterday was the avatar day! I had a lot of fun with the gang! I hope we can do this next year again 👌❤️ (forgot to take photos with the whole group and with Sokka 😭)

Had a blast yesterday with my baes! Was Rey and then max during the evening!
@kozekito as chloe
And we had @millahwood as Rachel

Throwback to the troop at hemmakväll in Staffanstorp!! Last day at work today before I leave for närcon tomorrow!