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the suns tirade / dissected
(a 6 panel collage)

where u at?
4r Da Squaw
Free Lunch
Rope FT. SiR // rosegold
Wat's Wrong Ft. Zacari & Kendrick Lamar
Bday FT. Deacon Blues & Kari Faux
Silkk Da Shocka fT. Syd
Tity and Dolla FT. Hugh Augustine & Jay Rock
Stuck in the Mud FT. SZA
A lot
Dressed Like Rappers
Don't Matter
by george (outro)
Find a Topic [homies begged)

"art is
an idea that has found
its perfect form"
- paul rand
a portrait of isaiah on printed paper, 2016
for @topdawgent

i am always learning
i constantly make mistakes
a transformation within me
at every moment
a change
impossible to stay the same
📺: @isaiahrashad for @topdawgent

Lately, I've found myself telling anybody and everybody I come across with that Zay is the future. That the most magnificent of storytellers are now in the present. Speaking in melodies with such exuberant emotional cadence that will set them apart from their peers.
They're not just rappers, they're not even musicians. Who are we to pigeon hole them into such a square when their creativity let them paint whole worlds with just the stroke of a verse.
The Pen has always been mightier than the sword, and it's only now that our awareness of it has caught up.
That it is because it can do both.
Kill and Inspire.
The power of the tongue is such.
@isaiahrashad for @topdawgent
Assisted by @youngtrentcoat
Produced by @mattmiller_tde

The homies @isaiahrashad + @mattmiller_tde + @lanceskiiiwalker doing their thang rn
lilsunnytour (dot) com


A photographer in many ways is the conduit for the energy that the artist exudes towards the outside world. The awareness that whatever the audience sees, they'll get to see through your lens for the first time is exhilarating. I got to spend some time with @inglewoodsir a few months back for this shoot; and we chopped it up from his home in Inglewood amongst friends, to the TDE HQ with family. True to the prolificness and work ethic that fellow @topdawgent artists have, he's got much more in store for us. His #HerToo EP drops this Friday (02.10), and pls believe it's just the beginning.
Shoot assisted by @fvckinfluffy for TDE

A ballad by @inglewoodsir
Shot on @impossible_hq project film
Out now on iTunes
( #HerToo EP out 02.10)

Honored to have captured @inglewoodsir as he is welcomed home within the TDE family. In an industry inundated with what's immediate and now, it's surprisingly refreshing to see someone win on his own terms, at his own pace, marching to the beat of his own tune. Just like everyone of the artists within The camp, SiR embodies the same qualities of raw talent, genuine depth, and unrelenting passion.
The young boi from the west side is finally home.

young boi from the west$ide is home.
Welcome to the Fam!@inglewoodsir
#TDE #InglewoodSiR #SiR #HerToo