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Just in case you forgot what greatness looks like
@topdawgent x @dodgers x @kendricklamar

if im not changing the world,
then i don't belong here.

"no more now"

if you don't fuck with my stories
you're missing out

You’re a blur of motion,
Always moving,
Poetry flowing thru your veins.
You stop only to break the pattern.
You have rhythm, but you hate the repetition.
You keep going because you read once before,
that this insatiable need to create,
coupled with the understated importance of pace,
only comes to the best of them.

so always.
a perpetual moving apparatus.
with constant metaphors pumping from your heart.
poetry flowing thru your veins.
always moving.
a blur of motion.
ft. @emmmazing

I poured a lot of my emotion into this video. In many ways it was because it symbolized something bigger for me. I shot this on or around my bday, and it was also a culmination for my return with the Fam at TDE after taking a year and a half off. This was always gonna be that marker in my life that you can overcome anything. everything.
Blank Phase.
Look book for @groovyq
Official Shots by @raulromo
Makeup looks by @francieluxe
Ft. @mikalalove + @sondaehyun
Creative Director: @dianne
Production: @frantastik

the difference between lovers
ft. @notsandii + @dani.deeb

ego is quick,
and lacks patience.
it is character,
void of the test of time.
• • •
ft @amaelsesser

Motion Pictures w/ @emmmazing
• • •
all we knew was we were going to film at her favorite beach. She had brought this all white ensemble, which looking back could've been a disaster, but this very pier came out of nowhere and saved us.
See it's not that it came out of nowhere, its just that it was closed off with chains and a preventative sign to "Keep Out!".
So we never really looked at it as an option. To be quite honest I didn't even see it. Now I don't want to give her too much credit but I'm pretty sure she had this bright idea of sneaking in to it. Jumping that chain and just seeing what we could make with ourselves.
See that's her, Emma the Rebel. The girl who loved the world so much that she saw only the possibilities it held. Her with the spur of the moment ideas, dragging me to the depths of adventure.
Right before we were about to shoot, the sky vacillated from dark clouds to silver linings with dancing hues of blue and orange. It was surreal and beautiful, we took it in and figured our lucks were full that day.
After a few takes of her running around, like a dancer performing her solo piece, she walked over, to look at what I shot.
And with a childish joyous laugh, muttered to herself...
"Oh wow, look at me, it looks like I married myself".
And like many times before, I thought to myself, that's it,
It's these little moments of magic.
The reason why she was my muse

ft. @jabarijacobs
I first saw Jabari's work after having shot the same model about 3 years ago. It wasn't until last year when I was sent to DC to capture some footage did I finally get to meet him. As I have stated many times before, I am but a conduit for the energy that people around me exude, and this time was no different. Seeing how humble and open Jabari was to meeting a fellow creative had me wanting to link up with him in any capacity. This was shot last year after he visited LA to shoot Anderson.Paak, and he had made time to stop by the office and chop it up.
Produced by @_chrxx + @theetrentcoat
Location: @quantasy
Storytellers Episode 1

Bompton, City of Kings
Heal up brotha, @g_weeder149 💪🏽

everybody just leveling up today tho.
Congrats to my brotha @archdvs as well!
SVP urban music @ Interscope
This the guy to send your mixtapes to. #OPM

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