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Chris Osman Designs  Product Designer Since 1998 Bar/Tank Bags Motorcycle Accessories US Marine&Navy SEAL Never Drop Your Shield

@ramjetracing is having their huge customer appreciation celebration today! Honored to have them as a dealer and as friends. #Repost @ramjetracing
Big thanks to @_chris_osman_designs for sending us out the best bar bag in the biz and some of his tank bags for the raffle tomorrow.

@_chris_osman_designs bags come with weather proof zipper, come with a lifetime warranty and are 100% made in the 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #cod #chrisosmandesigns #barbag #tankbag #tacticalbag #americanmade #madeintheusa #lifetimewarranty #ramjet #ramjetracing #customerappreciationday #18thannual

IG Live Cancelled. As you all know I am huge basketball fan. Michigan State & Syracuse will be in the 2nd half at 1. No way in hell Im missing it to be on the gram. Or miss the start of the NC State game. Love all of you; but I love basketball even more. Have a kickass weekend everyone! #cod #cancelled #becausebasketball #ncaabasketball #chrisosmandesigns #untilnexttime #fuckyourbracket

Tomorrow I will be firing up IG live at 1pm Pacific Standard Time. Hopefully that will give you hooligans enough time to wake up and get a glass of water after tonight’s libations. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you. #sundaysermon #chrisosmandesigns #askanything #iglive #itsthattime #cod #hangovercrew

And then you bump into boxing royalty in the lobby! Floyd Mayweather Sr. He was cool enough to stop and chat it up with me. Now it’s off to the museum to check out some tattoo history. #boxing #themoneyteam #floydsr #letsgochamp #thanksfloyd #jwmarriott #losangeles #chrisosmandesigns

It’s so easy to be decent, to be kind and have just an ounce of empathy. Yet most choose to be dicks. Don’t be a dick. Just be cool and nice to people. It’s cost you nothing. Pay your blessings forward. The most valuable things in life are free. Have a great day everyone and Never Drop Your Shield! #chrisosmandesigns #combatprovenadvice #becool #dontbeadick #mythoughtstoday #keepitreal #thelittlethings #payitforward

Just received this amazing handmade gift today. To say I am surprised and humbled by this gesture would be an understatement. Thank You, Thank, Thank You. I’m honored and this will be hanging up right next to my Woden Flag/Trident. @chele0319 Please give your father a hug from me! #chrisosmandesigns #humbled #honored #staytruetoyourself #cod #fuckit #teamsnshit #sealteam3 #ameriCAN

#Repost @fallenofheroes
With heavy hearts our thoughts and prayers are with the warriors in the pararescue community. Seven warriors were killed yesterday, in a helicopter crash in Iraq. “These Things We Do.. That Others May Live.” Rest easy warriors! #thatothersmaylive #PJ

#tbt 17 years ago today we were a couple days away from opening my 1st company/retail store in Imperial Beach, CA. Crazy to think this was pre-9/11. I was always a gear geek and fell in love with the tactical industry. I originally started out selling brands like Blackhawk, Eagle, Paraclete, Spec-ops brand, Under Armour, Camelbak, and Mechanix Wear. Around 2003 TAG had its own gear line and I just replaced everyone else’s products with my own. In 2004 my contract with the Navy ended. I left to run the business full time until I sold it in 2010. Remember all it takes is an idea; The rest is a reflection of your efforts and commitment to that idea. #smallbusiness #throwback #sandiego #entrepreneurlife #crazytimes #combatprovenadvice #chrisosmandesigns #nevergiveup #onlyyoucanfollowyourdreams #itsnotthesizeitstheimpact

Pick, Pack and Ship. This is where it all goes down for COD. Regardless of what you are doing try to be as efficient and clean as possible. Make adjustments as needed to improve your process. I have always been uber clean with a high level of attention to detail, to the point of throwing mantrums. Whatever you’re doing, do it with a purpose, do it efficiently and for fucks sake, clean up after yourself before Uncle Chris rolls through and gives you a throat chop😂👊🏼😂. #chrisosmandesigns #whereitgoesdown #behindthescenes #smallbutmighty #clean #efficient #focused #doitwithapurpose #sealtoceo #businessbystorm

I know millions of people look up to those who have and are currently serving in the military. There is of course the ever present; non-stop fascination of special operations units. Why? Is it the training, the commitment, the perceived idea that all who do it run non-stop missions in the shadows of foreign countries? Or is it because people want what they can’t buy with money, or a small peek behind the curtain of this selective and secretive society. Or do people just want to be friends with, know or train with someone they look up to and idolize? Regardless of branch or unit anyone who has earned the right to be in special operations indeed proved themselves in some form of a selection process. The one thing all of these courses universally teach is ETHICS. We are not choir boys by any stretch. But we all hold ourselves and each other to a very high ethical standard. A standard most will never understand nor dare to be a part of. I believe it’s this invisible/unmeasurable trait that truly attracts so many to so few. It’s this proved ethical standard that allows you to look at the man next to you and get that silent head nod in the night that says “I trust you with my life brother, let’s do this.” And it’s ethics in my opinion that garners you the most respect over anything else. #ethics #standards #notmeasurablebutpriceless #formybrothers #chrisosmandesigns #themaakestheinsignia #community #cod #combatprovenadvice #forthosewhonolomgercan

#Repost @ledbyiron_apparel
GIVEAWAY CONTEST! Winner will receive a all the above gear from @strikeforceenergy @_chris_osman_designs and @ledbyiron_apparel . ....................................................... Rules for contest:
1. Must follow @ledbyiron_apparel @strikeforceenergy and @_chris_osman_designs
2. Tag three friends in the comment section of this post.
3. If you repost the contest on your page your name will be entered twice for a better chance to win.
Items to win:
From @strikeforceenergy
. 1 750 ML bottle original
. 1 40 pack grape 🍇 . 1 10 pack orange 🍊 . 1 3 stickers
From @_chris_osman_designs
. 1 COD t-shirts
. 8 stickers
. 1 stitched velcro patches
. 1 PVC patch🇺🇸
. 1 hat🧢
From @ledbyiron_apparel
. 1 Red Line T-Shirt 👩🏽‍🚒 . 3 stickers
. 1 Death Card t-shirt💀♠️
. 1 kettle bell keychain
. 1 waterbottle 💦

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Today when you woke up everyday you thought would ruin you didn’t. I’m asked “how do you stay so positive and happy?” Misery loves company; I changed my company. I changed what I would allow into my daily thoughts. You are in total control. You are a survivor, you already have all the secrets. You really don’t need a motivational speaker in your life. Maybe a pep talk every now and then. That’s it. Never Drop Your Shield! #chrisosmandesigns #combatprovenadvice #nevergiveup #choosetobehappy #cod #neverdropyourshield

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