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Chelsea Davis  Angela & Fernando's Princess👑 • Lola's Mommy 🐾•Never underestimate a woman with a prayer and a plan ✨

Here's me looking right since you left 😏


You ain't messin' with no average chick, you know you hit the jackpot 🎧🎶

SCREAMING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOMMY!! My beautiful best friend whom I love out of this world! 59 years of grace & beauty! GON WITH CHA bad self!! Im still praying I look as good as you boo😘😘

Facts. You can slip up if you want to.


Bun life with the forehead 😊

Hardest thing ever to learn is WORTH. Just because someone desires you doesn't mean they value you. There's a difference between someone who wants you and someone who will do anything to keep you. Those unpredictable kisses and laughter you deserve it. He or she may still love you. They probably dont know what they want. Its natural that they think of you all the time. But thats not what matters. What matters is what are they doing about it... and if the answer is nothing then so be it. If they arent then you shouldn't neither. You need someone to make it clear and obvious that want you in their life.

Dear self, you are allluhhh dat girrrrrl .

Sunday Slay