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C H A R L I E 🗺  Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and live them 🇺🇸 |Vous êtes votre seule limite 🇫🇷 |Que sera sera 🇪🇸

happy happy hump day 🍑 who even calls it wednesday anymore? 🤔

Out of a collection of about a dozen photos. The other pictures are “sexier”, the other ones are “cooler”, the other ones will get me more likes. But they aren’t as real. they aren’t as genuine. and i’m sorry but what’s the point of social gratification if you aren’t being 100% yourself. I’m a goofy goober, and yeah that will probably make me lose followers, i’ll probably get less likes, i’ll get less dms, maybe less attention. that’s okay. because i’m happy with myself, and nothing’s more important than that.

I’m not where i want to be these days. i’ve unfortunately taken a few steps back, and it’s time to take some leaps forward. i’ve decided to delete instagram for half of the week (Thursdays-Sundays) and concentrate on important things like improving myself! i want to cut down on social media overall and this is my first move towards that. it’s okay to not be at 100%, if and only if you’re willing to take the steps in the right direction in order to improve. so here’s to a new week, fresh starts, starting over, and bettering ourselves. it’s okay to be vulnerable. it’s okay to need help.

the hike to this arch was brutal. with desert heats up to 120 degrees, the sun pounding down on me, the strenuous hike up the side of canyons, with crevasses that we’re hundreds of feet deep right next to me, but after 4 hours. the view was worth it. standing underneath this enormous arch was an intimidating and beautiful moment. i love moments that make me realize how huge this world really is. it reminds me to stay humbled by this planet. we were made on this planet, we have to respect, love, appreciate it, and see it for all its worth. 🙏🏽 •

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Thursday morning; where’s your next adventure? 🌲

Be goofy. Be bold. Be happy.

it’s easy to put on a serious face, what the real challenge is is to let your inner wild child out. ➡️

Sitting around making waffles and pancakes this sunday morning, reminiscing about our night last night. a night filled with some of the people i hold most close to me, dancing our hearts out until the next day 🙏🏽 thank you @grace_95 for another unforgettable, beautiful, peaceful, weekend away from the real world. thank you @ygprodigy for being as much a fool as me on the dance floor. and thank you to everyone in my life every day ♥️ •

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Be wild and free 🍃 If your little soul is craving an adventure, give in to that feeling

after 2 weeks of meeting this girl, we went across the united states to spend the weekend in california. life has been an unstoppable adventure ever since. with ups and downs, through thick and thin, we thrive 🙏🏽 happy birthday you wild child. i can’t wait to see where this life leads us

What makes your heart skip a beat 🌀

HEY ITS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! also known assssss? HUMP DAY!! Work on yours today 👊🏽🍑

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