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Celeste Dupuy-Spencer  ☁️☁️🚬☁️☁️

My dad, when he was younger than me

I share a home with a Super-Predator. A finely tuned carnivore.

It’s that time of year again! When I remind everyone that I was really stupid, and accidentally “gave an interview” to a racist scumbag! She called on the phone, talked really weirdly at me and started manically arguing real dark politics with me until I rushed off the phone. Clare Hurley, whoever the hell she is, used me to push her racist ideology, and she put her own racist rantings into quotation marks attached to my name. Multiple people, including myself a billion times, have tried and failed to get them to take this down. They refused. But they edited some of the worst, most insane quotes out. Not all of them though! I’m posting this again in case YOU have read this interview. I’m not posting the “interview” cause it’s trash, but I’m posting the comments I left on it, cause I want people to know where I stand. Clare Hurley, whoever you are, you’re an awful, terrible person.

Happy Pride! From my cave. I’m working with my free Bubble-Up/rainbow stew

This painting is literally making me sea sick, but it’s phthalo heaven.

Work in progress, oil on linen

Detail of a work in progress. When I started it, it was the biggest stretcher I’d ever painted on by a long shot! ...Then the rest of the stretchers arrived 😳. Looking forward to inaugurating the beautiful new space at @ninomiergallery this September! Bigger space, bigger paintings, (bigger clusters of tiny paintings too! And normal sized ones and drawings)

“Two Guys and a Girl”, oil on linen. This was ALMOST in Made in LA. It got edited in the last minute, so I wanna post it here. Whoever can guess the movie in the background wins $1.00

“NADCP”, watercolor and gouache on paper, 2015. One of my pieces on view at The Hammer Museum, in Made in LA! @bridgehousegracehouse #slidell #nadcp

What genius came up with pink noses for cats?

I got to install this week next to these insanely beautiful tapestries by Diedrick Brackens . I can’t stop thinking about them. ❤️🙏🏼 #MadeInLA

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