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Cat Mead  I'm here to EMPOWER, INSPIRE & EDUCATE. 🦁 YOGA teacher in Newcastle, NSW at Two Feet Yoga 🌻 BUSINESS COACH at The Empowered Entrepreneurs πŸ’‘


I ADORE teaching yoga. I just finished up teaching YIN to 9 beautiful people in my studio @twofeetyoga in Merewether and even though I should be prepared by now, I'm once again blown away by the beautiful energy our people bring. So, THANKYOU. To the people who continuously show up. The people who ALLOW ME to teach them. The people who are constantly teaching me. My heart is bursting with love. And it's because of you. β€πŸ¦πŸ’‘

This has been my week. There's been a few ups and downs (and let's be honest, Tuesday was a complete fucking write off) but I feel like the inspired action and energy @cindrabanks and I have been putting out there in our businesses @theempoweredentrepreneurs and @twofeetyoga is starting to pay off! Now, time for a wine. #hustlemodewullbebacktomorrow πŸ“· @business.bombshells πŸ’‘

I've woken up and gotten into the GOOD, GOOD vibes. After a few days of feeling uncertain, low, teary, and just shit I am shifting my mindset to focus on the good. And when I look back (through the mud and haze of the last few days) I see so many good things. There is so much to love and there is so much to be grateful for. How are you vibing today? 🦁 πŸ“· @the_womens_collective πŸ’‘

Fuck yes. πŸ’‘πŸ¦
πŸ“· @6amsuccess

I love the life I'm creating for myself. As much as I never thought I'd be the owner of a business (let alone two) I have found that I am completely ok with everything that it takes. I always thought it was TOO BIG for me to be able to do. I now know that I'd rather take the leap than to stay 'safe' and small. Big things are coming and I'm SO excited about this @theempoweredentrepreneurs journey. Do you want to hear more about what we do? Listen to our podcast (link in bio). I am so thankful to have a fellow badass business babe beside me in this journey too, so thanks to @cindrabanks 🦁 #grateful #gobig

Sometimes I just really don't feel like taking photos of myself. So I don't. BUT: I still want to check in and connect with people on here. So, I'm (again) sharing a pic I took last week with the epic humans @em_mermaid and @jeffmoscato 🦁 How's everyone doing this week?

This morning I received an email that made me feel irksome. My usual reaction to this kind of thing would be to get really annoyed, to feel outrage and to allow it to effect me. But as I started to go there I realized that this has ZERO to do with me. So I thanked this feeling for showing up, I asked it what it needed to teach me. And I realized this: if I am in my own power, it doesn't matter what anyone else is doing. Sure, I can feel put off by some people and not mesh with their energy, but isn't it great that I have the awareness and the choice to decide who is and isn't in my social (and professional) space? Yes it is. It really is. #runningonvibes πŸ“· @sf_formulations

There is only ONE you, and that is your power. On my trip to Melbourne I did two photo shoots with these two incredible humans @em_mermaid @jeffmoscato and I've gotta say, I was extremely anxious beforehand. I was feeling self-doubt and 'I'm not good enough to do this' emotions. But I did it. It was EPIC. And I think the end result is pretty clear. I am MORE than good enough. I can do anything. Can you? 🦁🌻

There were so many cups of tea and DELICIOUS pancakes in Melbourne (seriously, go to Hawthorn and go to @crabapplekitchen ❀). It's nice to be home with my cuppa on the couch now though while I edit photos! Thanks to everyone for making my trip special 🦁

When in Melbourne for EPIC photo shoots with @em_mermaid and @jeffmoscato one must pause to take in an upside-down sunset. Thanks for the fun guys! #hometime β€β˜€

F R E E D O M 🌻

Learning to listen. It takes practice, but damn it's rewarding when you get it right! πŸ“· @highlymeditated.co 🦁

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