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Diana Carolina G  Reiki Practioner💫Graduate Certified Holistic Nutritionist 🕉 activist🐘Designer/Owner @Fiore.Vita Jewelry📿May your💕be full of lovecompassion &light🙏🏼



Cada segundo minuto, hora, y día que comparto contigo es la mejor inversión que puedo hacer con mi tiempo, pq tu me recargas, me llenas de amor, luz y enfoque! Eres el ser más bondadoso y noble que conozco y tengo el gran orgullo de llamar mommy! La mujer que soy y seré es gracias a ti, a tu ejemplo y dedicación incondicional a ser la mejor mama, papa, y mejor amiga! I'm so glad I got to see you and spend even if it was just one day with you, I'd travel to the other side of the world for just a hug from you! Te amooooo ommi! gracias infinitas 🙏🏼👩‍❤️‍👩💞 #happymothersday @patatthelake

Two souls unselfishly working together to help each other grow, heal,and succeed! 👭💕 Love you mi honey bunches, gracias por tu luz🙏🏼😘

In a world full of ego driven selfish souls, I am sooo blessed to have such an amazing pure unconditional loving soul like you to share this new journey with! Love you bebesita! #protectyoheart

She is a paradox. She is a free spirit yet very grounded. She is faithful yet detached. She is committed yet relaxed. She is sociable but also a loner. She is gentle yet tough. She is passionate but also platonic. In short, she is predictable in her unpredictability! ✌🏼

Baby Carito: Cheeks and eyes for dayssss lol y que no se me note lo mimada! #tbt

I want to wish the happiest of birthdays to my twin flame! Las palabras sobran para decirte cuánto Te amooo Diana Carolina and how blessed I feel to call such a beautiful humble caring soul like you my bff! I wish you many many more years of life full of health, happiness, self love and inner peace! May we continue to go on many more adventures, continue learning from each other and always being there for each other so unconditionally! Love you to the moon and back aunque a días que te quisiera dejar aya 🤣🤣 (just kidding hace rato no me sacas canas verdes) lol Te amooooooo 💕🙏🏼

Happy #nationalpuppyday! To all the furbabies who give us their unconditional love! My PicklesPie 💕and my Izzibell who now watches over me 👼🏻💕 #shihtzu #teacup #adopt

👯We all need that one friend who understands what we are not saying... Thank you for hearing my soul speak💕🙏🏼

Te amo mi negro hermosa! Gracias por apoyarme y guiarme en toda etapa de mi vida! Se que cada decisión que tome si lleva tu apoyo será exitosa! 🙏🏼💕

She loves moonlight, sunsets, and rainstorms. And so many other things that have soul💫💞✨

From birth, our outward appearance is obsessed over so much that sadly many of us internalize these values and believe that is all we have to offer. We must be pretty first, and that is more significant than being kind, educated, entrepreneurial,creative etc.... Woman: You are a sacred creature, nature gave life to you so you too can create life. In your womb you carry the potential of the world. In your heart you hold transformational forces that cause waves across space and time. 
You aren't just here to birth humans, and or be a submissive object of sexual desire... You're here to birth projects, visions, collaborations.
You are here to retrace the lines of your own sensual soul. You are here to rediscover the sacred forgotten magic. You are here to remember how to love fiercely and unconditionally... And that love... It not only starts with you... It's generated by you. Woman, you are an artifact of creative alchemy. Never forget your power! 💕
#internationalwomensday #divinefeminine

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