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Grant  See you on the the other side. 🥀

Castaway is out today on @monstercat! ⁣
I made this song a while ago, but it really captures the ups and downs of the last couple years. So many times in school I’ve felt like I don’t have many “real” friends, and that, maybe if I started everything over, I could go back and make the right decisions. Sometimes fantasizing about this idea brings me comfort, but the phrase “I could be the one you’re missing” really represents a grass-is-always-greener mindset. ⁣

I hope you enjoy ⁣🗻

Castaway tomorrow! @jessi.mason 📸: @edwinsbook

Castaway is out Friday⁣

It’s about feeling trapped and how sometimes you just want to escape your surroundings and start a new life for yourself⁣

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while and I hope you enjoy it 🗻

Castaway is out this Friday! @jessi.mason @monstercat @rocketleague 📸: @edwinsbook

I could be the one you’re missing 😬🕺

Really pumped to be releasing Castaway with @jessi.mason later this month! It’ll also appear on the @rocketleague soundtrack

It’s really special when you have a song that, regardless of how successful it becomes, you’ll always be proud of having made it. 📷 @edwinsbook

Killing the costume game since Kindergarten 🎃


Here’s a post of me posting this post

Wishes is on the release schedule

Thinking about edges and stuff 😬 The Edge has been out for a few days and I’m so stoked to see the positive reactions to it. It’s my first solo release in a year so it means a lot

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