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Thankful. 700 applications. 40 selected. I am 1 of 40. I am FPHLP. Dreams do come true✨#fphlp

Next time I take a picture here I hope I'm a student. 💙 #fphlp

Well this jet lag is awful, but I'd do the long flights and car rides again right now to see the joy on all the kids faces I got to meet❤️

This trip to Kenya has been incredible. Especially with having the joy of getting to know and love this girl, Peninah. In the picture she's wearing a blue bracelet that she hasn't taken off since I gave it to her. I opened up to her, and in return I was able learn so much about her life and her goals. She became an orphan at the Kajiado home when she was two years old, and will be graduating this year. She wants to go to school to become a journalist and even get her PhD (very impressive). She loves to dance and wants to learn dances from places all over the world. She has impacted my life in so many ways and really is a mini version of myself. We hold some of the same dreams and goals for ourselves. We both have a strong love of traveling and the desire to see how other people live. We also both want to make an impact on the communities we visit, and make and see change. I fell in love with her and Kenya and I'll be back. I know this is not goodbye, but I'll see you later, Peninah.

Laughter is never an issue with great people💕

Yay for us all being in the same place to take a cute picture💜 #sigmasliders

You're kinda a BIG deal 💜 And to think this all started on bid day and now you're stuck with me forever 🤗

I am so so so excited to go to Kenya 🇰🇪🐘 Can spring break be here now? 🤗

Today I walked for my grandma 💜 #walktoendalz

I wish I was back in the Bahamas instead of sitting in economics learning about real and nominal GDP.

So I went Greek and found the perfΣΚt home💜

Life would be boring without ya💖

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