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B R 🐾 K L Y N  🌱plant based YouTube: BrooklynFit Paragon Fitwear Athlete // brooklynfit Gains in Bulk Athlete // brooklynfit10 🍿watch&subscribe ⇩


I haven’t been to a gym in a full week, so when we went to take Nova on his walk I hit a few leg movements. Nothing extra, just something to get a quick burn and my heart rate up.
🧢 squats to pulse squats and jumping lunges and a few incline hills and it was enough to get everything warm again🦖
& yes, I made @mitchell__nelms stop in the road to record these😇

UPDATE: I’ve made my way through six states in 3 days & now in Franklin, Tennessee for the past few visiting my boyfriends family/friends❤️
going out to @nashville tonight and I’m sooo exciiiiited🐴🍻and my foundation is Rainforest by the Sea by @tartecosmetics who are vegan/cruelty free🐰#lotsofupdates #superrandom #happyfriday

arm day 💪🏼 biceps & triceps today! I’ve definitely grown my triceps this past year and feel like I haven’t kept up with my biceps ☹️ so I did heavy biceps with drop sets and light-medium weight for triceps!
shoes: @adidasoriginals
leggings: @paragonfitwear
top: @lululemon
song: don’t wanna fall in love by Kyle

feeling SO FRESH & ENERGIZED after my spin class with @courtneyrcee, taught by my favorite instructor @stephie_cee over at @gritcyclemb🌥💙 which lead to coffee date & I couldn’t be more happy with how my day off has started!🙏🏼 what’s everyone doing today??

I did this tri-set after my back workout and it was right after 3 sets of lat pulldowns 🔥🔥full workout below ⬇️ keep in mind I didn’t do heavy weight, I just kept a constant burn with medium weight
1️⃣seated rows 3x15-20
2️⃣cable straight bar pull through SUPERSET with face pulls 3x10x10
3️⃣lat pulldowns 3x15
4️⃣tri-set shown in video - wide grip, close grip, pulls 3x7x7x7
p.s. I did my whole back workout just on cables! you don’t need to be running around the gym coming up with crazy movements. find what works for you and just perfect it💓
Let me know if you guys try it out today! or save it for your next back day💋
long sleeve: @armtheanimals
song: wifin you by Montana of 300

hiiiiii☀️🌻 I recorded some tricep & shoulder content for YouTube today, which will be up in 2-3 days *yay* and thank you all so so much for all the birthday wishes these past few days!
shorts/bra: @paragonfitwear
⚡️ code brooklynfit
headphones: @sudiosweden
song: church by slim thug

pre 22ND BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS🎊😻🎀🎂🥂(I turn 22 tomorrow!!🌈) spent the day with my guy in LA, drinking coffee & playing the THE SWEETEST cats for an hour *all of which are up for adoption🐱*, shopped up and down the streets to buy nothing lol, then he surprised me with THE most delicious plant based restaurant I have ever experienced!🤤 today was a dream❤️❤️ xo
#imcomingbacktoadoptTracy #andMinnie #hesaidthefoodwasbombtoo #heshappyandfull

BACK DAY👐🏻 it’s not one of my favorite muscles to workout, but when you have a nice defined back😍🤤
1️⃣ lat pull downs superset with cable bar pull throughs 4x10-15
2️⃣ machine single arm lat pulls 4x12
3️⃣ T-bar rows 4x12
&& that was that! quick workout under an hour and then we got an acai bowl🍌🥣🍓
headphones: @sudiosweden
song: there she goes by PnB

HERE TO SHARE MY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT🥂🎉🤫 sooooo after being on instagram for 2+ years, I’m signing with my VERY FIRST clothing company @paragonfitwear !!!!💓 AHHHH!!! ⚡️ I’ve just recently started wearing their line and have completely fallen for it!
especially their sport bras! && if you find something you like, my commission code “brooklynfit” will save you money at checkout! I’M SO STOKED FOR THIS YOU GUYS! 😭🌸 I feel so confident in the gym when I’m wearing a set from them🙏🏼 & if you find some things you like PLZ tag me in your post! I’d love to see you guys in them! #happysunday & happy shopping!! 🎊 *im a small in everything, possibly an XS in the leggings*

I have no idea how much I weigh at this point. roughly around 150lbs probably which I'm COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH🎉 & having my mom and you guys on here tell me I'm cutting down feels soooo goooooood😽
like I'm finally comfortable in a sports bra in the gym! to each their own on what they are comfortable wearing, but for me it's a big breakthrough!
PLUS a YouTube video of a zaful haul/physique update JUST WENT LIIIIVE 🎥🍿🍉
EDIT: announcement coming tomorrow! Didn't have time to take the photo I needed to post about it, srry & ily 💓💓

now that I've settled in the new year & my 22nd birthday is around the corner, it feels like a good time to jot down my vision/goals for 2018🥂✨
1/ first and foremost, I want to succeed in controlling my peace. watch how often I think negatively about myself, my situation, or anything that isn't going "right".
2/ my BIG financial one for the year, is to own my first home or town home!🏡renting is a waste of money & i don't like being wasteful one bit☝🏼
3/ volunteer my time with animal organizations, feeding the homeless, or any situation that a listening ear is needed.
5/ learn a new practice✖️yoga, French, paddle boarding, ANYTHING to expand my abilities
🍉that's just a few of the things that stand out the most to me rn🤗 share your big goals below please! I'd love to know what you are passionate about this year!

shoulders are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE muscle group to hit, hands down🤘🏼
I'll start with raises or arnolds like you see in the video, move to upright rows, make my way to cables, than finish with rear delta bc they are a smaller muscle and don't demand a ton of weight like the earlier exercises. ⚡️ and by the time I'm towards the end of my lift, I'd rather hit accessory muscles than the bigger muscle and be exhausted ☝🏼 just how I plan my workouts if you were curious

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