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golden hour at the red light, with my
to-go food riding shotgun

just feelin like a badass babe these last few days, just tryin to lift some weights😈👾 [a good outfit will do that]
just a few movements from today & a few old favorites💜
keep it fun but remember what the fundamentals are
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#legday #glutes #workout #fitness

afternoon babes✨✌🏼 just wanna give a little update with my “off season” prep I’ve started about a month ago! [competing next year]
I’m 5”6 and my starting weight was around 155lbs +/- and I just hit 149.8lbs yesterday. I’m only doing stair master 2-3 times a week for 15/20 minutes.
everything has been really smooth up till a few days ago, when I threw up out of the blue😞 & have had a small migraine ever since. so I’ve taken yesterday and today off the gym. going to rest and hydrate and hope this shit passes quick. so content won’t be as frequent for few days, sorry you guys!
hat & sports bra: @paragonfitwear [code: brooklynfit] 💛

first thing you need is a glute band [mine is @gainsinbulk] and some stairs.
1️⃣ squat jumps > reverse squat walks
2️⃣ glute kick back > lunge
3️⃣ uneven stair squats
perform each movement back to back & rest until you feel good to go again. it’s exhausting & a constant glute/quad burn 👍🏻😅
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#glutes #legday #hiit #bootybuilding

after my 8.5hr shift yesterday, I really wanted to just go home and make today my “rest” day even though it’s not till thursday, I thought I’d just swap the days.
but that’s not how the program was written✋🏼 so I went AND HAD SUCH A BOMB AF WORKOUT🔥💦💪🏼 I’m not always “excited” to go lift, but it always pays off & I’m here for it
#armday #upperbody #workout #pump

taken right after I went in on a “chaffle”👅... [aka churro + waffle]

back✖️biceps✖️triceps 🤩🔥 swipe through & double tap💛
my biceps were SHOT after this workout. but I love a good pump & vein pop that I can’t complain💁🏼‍♀️ *this isn’t the full workout* bc we left and finished the lift later that night. but I did a bunch of back movements, TWO biceps [4x10/12], & TWO triceps [5x10/12] for the workout 👍🏻 and I’m about to go back to the gym
#biceps #armday #curls #upperbody

BACK + SHOULDERS🤩 tip: creating a wider back helps make the illusion of a smaller waist. so don’t neglect your back!👐🏻💦
1️⃣ SUPERSET cable rope lat pulldowns | 3 x 15 with
2️⃣ cable mid row | 3 x 12
3️⃣ seated DB shoulder press | 4 x 10
4️⃣ bent over barbell row | 4 x 12
5️⃣ SUPERSET DB lateral raises | 4 x 10 [bring DB to hips, not in front] with
6️⃣ DB reverse flies | 4 x 12
7️⃣ cable rope face pulls | 4 x 25
followed with cardio👍🏻 & a ton more of macros to eat👅 [im full all the time lol]
top: @lululemon
leggings: @paragonfitwear [JUST RESTOCKED! use my code if ya want]
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song: lucid dreams by juice world
#back #backworkout #shoulder #workout #fitness

leggggggie day💦🤸🏼‍♂️ SWIPE!! felt so good with my strength and weight choices & had a great sweat going on! [also down 2 pounds after yesterday’s yummy food👀]
1️⃣ DB deadlifts | 4 x 15
2️⃣ hip adbuctor + band walks | 4 x 20
3️⃣ cable glute kick backs | 4 x 20
plus a few other things that didn’t make the video😅 feeling & and more hyped about this prep.
CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE VIDEO to see what I’m talking about🎥
#legday #fitness #glutes #workout

IT’S TIME!! L.A. FOR MY FIRST CHEAT MEAL🍕👅🍭 bbq cauliflower wings & pineapple pizza [only 2.5 slices] from @thekindsage and this yummy brownie cupcake from @erinmckennasbakery [i’m stuffed]🐷 + Incredibles 2 tonight!
#vegan #losangeles

BACK & ARMS💪🏼 following my new program and mixing in arms into my back workout, rather than hitting back first then arms separately, has me EXHAUSTED😅 so good though!
1️⃣ assisted pull ups | 3 x 12
2️⃣ cable rope pushdowns | 5 x 12
3️⃣ wide grip row | 4 x 15
4️⃣ EZ bar curls | 5 x 12
5️⃣ wide grip pulldowns | 4 x 12
6️⃣ back extensions | 4 x 20

upper body was niiiiice and toasty after this. finished with cardio & yummy food back at home🤤
song: home with you @madisonbeer
#back #armday #workout #fitness #lift

beach w/ bubs🦖+ currently looking for vegan cheat meal locations👅 help me out plz
swim: @zaful

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