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Break Free  This is student campaign against child sexual abuse. It's time to break free from the shackles of silence and march towards a safer childhood.

Statistics donot lie. Child abuses are all around. Be aware and keep your children safe.

A small girl’s body carried
past the innocent Joy dish soap
into a house of horrors
too young to say no

set her upon filthy toilet seat
yanked cotton panties to knees
placed wet, sloppy kisses on her
trembling, she, rather I, smelled oily 
hair as he proceeded to crouch and moan

my flesh tainted and used
escaping meant lying for this life
he had stumbled across a hall 
unhooking his belt, sweetly I trilled
my mother was calling I must be going.

He picked me up and tossed down 
my limp form on the back porch,
warned to keep silent, not a single word
fear and shame settled into two year old bones.

Skin now not my own,
ran to the back door.
I knew far too much,
a little girl lost of all innocence.

I would never tell
of the man that ruined me,
avowing to shut off tears.
So put on a smile and
twirled into the house
a broken child.

The worst part of being accused is the betrayal.
The one who should have protected you was the one who harmed you.

A lot of people in our society don't want to believe that Child Abuse happens in their neighborhood - but it does. Denying a fact cannot change the scenario.

Before you forgive them, remember they tried to get away with it.

The only reason why Child Abuse is alive today, is because adults fail to listen to their children. Listen to a child today!

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