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DTLA after hours with half-shitty drinks and good company. Credz: Jason. πŸŒ·πŸ‘½ #citylights

Mandatory public restroom mirror selfie πŸ‘½

I've been listening to nothing but instrumentals/beats/trip-hop wuteva and getting in my feels but like good feels ya know? Shouts out to those sharing tunes with me yaaall raaaad af af. πŸ€™πŸΌ #sendmethetunes #linkmeup

Dear star-crossed lover,

I hope the Universe brings you true happiness. You deserve all the light in the world. Current times may be rough, but it will get better. Way better. The past is the past. The future doesn't exist. The present moment is all we have so make it worthwhile. Find comfort in the sky, and know that there's so much more than what you see in front of you. If you ever feel hurt- breathe in, step outside, stare into the sun until your eyes hurt, and know that pain is only temporary. Love life and it will love you back twice as hard.

Yours Truly,
A. 🌷

Floating in the deep blue

Is been a while

I have insecurities and anxieties. I don't always know what I want. I make decisions based on a whim. I get inside my head and it's not always easy getting out. I'm hard to love- BUT there's so much more. I love to create. I want to be consumed by the beauty in the sky. I cherish every soul that makes its way into my life. I believe in the Universe; I believe in love. I want to see the world. The ugly, the pretty. There's just so much more. Stick around. Have patience. There's so much special you have yet to see.

You ain't gotta get me lit, I got my own light 🌞 #dirtyasswindow

Will it be a good time though, really?

I don't mind it

Nowhere else I'd rather be 🌞

You're unreal. #kittensofinstagram #vsco

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