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Bri Little  Never Allow the World to Dull Your Sparkle Darling ✨ @alittledaybrunch

Queen. 👑 Happy Birthday Dorothy Dandridge.

Recklessly forgot about the beautiful deserts and beautiful decor made from some special ladies!!!! Talented ladies 👑👑🙌🏽
Desert: Court@birchbakingco
Decor: Jas@beautifullyjas
Flowers: Momma Little / Moi 🤭

Weeks before this day, I almost cancelled the women’s brunch. I felt like a fraud to host an inspirational brunch for women when I was at a very low point. Sadly the end of August and early September were spent seeing true colors of people that I never saw coming. The worst part is I still had to “be okay”. I had to put on a smile and hope and pray to come out of everything. So, I didn’t feel worthy to host an event for some of the most amazing women I’m honored to know. BUT, God came thru and surrounded me with SO MUCH love and support. Love from places I didn’t even expect to find it at. Receiving all of this love made all of the rain worth it, and the love pushed me and sat with me through my low point. The best part is I made it through my breakthrough before my life was even “together” haha. For the first time in a while, I had found inner peace and was loving myself and had others expressing love towards me as well. Eventually, nothing else began to matter. So I thank the warriors in my life, and I thank the women who continue to inspire me so much at my brunches. The last event was full of love and healing power that everyone wants, but something I was craving. We don’t always have to “be okay”, because when we aren’t that’s when true character is built. I always hear that hurt people hurt people. But naw, hurt people should just love more people— love is always the cure to truly becoming happy again. Thank you to the queens in my life, you helped this little girl find her smile again. 👑👑❤️👧🏽

So late with these!! But always so grateful and humbled to host these events. These women are phenomenal from the attendees to the panelists at the very end. I love em so much and am definitely trying to expand and improve as much as I can. These are not my brunches, I simply just host. So thank you to all of the women that come, and continue to come! It literally is such a dream come true every time we get together. These spaces remind me that we as women together with love, can literally do anything!!! ❤️❤️😭👑 All photos will be posted on alittledaybrunch.com by tomorrow!!! (I’ll try 🙃)
📸 @ccoker11 (my baker)
📸 @nate.foxx

A Little Day Brunch Planning Tings....👧🏽
Me: “Court idk, I’m thinking a wedding cake for the ladies”
Court: “ Haha, lets do it!!”
Words can’t express my love for this woman and her effortless talent. Two wedding cakes next time perhaps. 🤷🏽‍♀️👩🏼‍🍳 @birchbakingco @alittledaybrunch

Carrot x Nutella 🙋🏽‍♀️. A Little Day Brunch Pool Party Treats!! @birchbakingco

Make A Wish. Birthday Desert for Amber. 👑

Brunch is where bonds happen. ☕️🥂

Gold Rim. 👌🏽

Wouldn’t be a proper Tendo birthday celebration without a Hamilton cake🕺🏾. Or a proper event without a cake from the talented @birchbakingco.
They keep saying I’m an event planner 🤷🏽‍♀️.

French Toast Heaven.

Flower Me Latte(r) 🌺🌼

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