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When the bar offers fifty-something varieties of artisanal/craft beers but the bartender knows you’re a real piece of shit so he gives you Milwaukee’s second finest beer because they don’t offer High Life 😒 🍺📷 @billmurraysbrother

Starting to feel like home 🥀


No shirts at the bar 2K18


“2 outta 3 kids ain’t bad.” - My parents

In hindsight, it may have been slightly inappropriate to wear a shirt reading “Dump ‘Em Out!” to a crowded staff party 🤷🏻‍♂️

I first met Mike back in 2014 in Scranton, he’d been partying all day & was heckling me looking at his line drawings. I got us a round of beers & shot the shit in his booth with him for a little before he tattooed this lunar faceoff on me, completely hammered. I had already been tattooed that day & was low on tipping cash, so I told him he could meet me downstairs at the bar for a round or two. He made his way down & we were there probably about an hour, I remember us putting a serious hurting on a bottle of Dewar’s & getting pretty loose. Those poor fucking bartenders, we were a mess. He then gave me a noogie, grumbled “thanks for the drinks motherfucker”, lit a cigarette (inside), & stumbled off. I’ve caught up with him about once a year since then, & we always have a chuckle when I show him the tattoo. “That fucking things still there?” We caught up again back in April, when he convinced me to hang around for 6 hours in Rochester so he could tattoo me last that day, after his appointments. I was just about to bail before he texted me “Ready motherfucker?!!”. I’m glad that I stayed. We were the last ones tattooing in the room that night, & ended up walking out together. His sober Fudo tattoo on me healed way nicer, but the lunar babe & the wild afternoon we had in PA will always be my favorite. I’ll miss running into him every now & then, waking up to the news this morning was awful. This bottle of Dewar’s is for you, Rest In Peace, motherfucker @mikefite

Farewell, Allentown. Thank you for the memories.

All I want for Christmas is more Miller High Life

One year ago today in Brooklyn with world-class champion tattoo collector, @lisarosecastagna ✌🏻.

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