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Had a nice time catching up with this guy yesterday @benhittle69

“The Realistic Messiah”, fully healed & settled. NY to OH, 12 sittings, 13 months. Tattoo made by @gregchristian4130 . Thank you, Greg 🙏🏻

@livefreetattoo ✌🏻

There’s not much I remember about the last time being at my favorite spot back in February, but it involved a gross amount of whiskey, losing my shirt with random strangers, & being a complete & total fucking mess. I don’t care much for posting personal things on the internet, but after a crazy few months for me it felt good to go back tonight, now sober.

Searching for the Cee-lo tent 🎲🎲🎲

Denim Daddies or Rodeo Clowns? You be the judge.


A man wearing an eye patch & drinking a two liter of Faygo took this picture 💉


Future brother-in-law. Tough break.

Method Man/Redman for $5? 🆗

There’s not much to say about the Shoshone pool that hasn’t been said already; It’s massive, rough, & intimidating as all hell when it’s drained for a few short days out of the year. Rumor has it the deep end is being demolished soon, glad I was able to squeeze in a final solo session this morning 🙏🏻

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