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#KumkumBhagya 14th December '18 Written Episode...

Happy Birthdayyyyy to the one amazing, beautiful person in this world! 🎂🎈🎉 Wishing you such golden and beautiful life as those two Goldfishes 🐠🐠😄 With lots of love, happiness and good health! Thank you so much for always being here, for your support, for all your hardwork that you are doing for everyone! I'm really happy happy to know you 🙏🏻 Love youuuuu ❤️❤️❤️ Sending tons of kisses to you #GoldfishAttack 👻😂💋💋💋💋 :
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Kaurwakee with real family celebrating her dad's bday ☺️❤️ :
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#KumkumBhagya 13th December '18 Written Episode / video >> @tsvidzz2.0
Credit : H Hasan
The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to answer his question as Abhishek Mehra is not asking this, but Kiara’s father. He says when I came to hospital, Nurse told me that you are Kiara’s mom, I told her that you are my Pragya and not Kiara’s mum. He says I didn’t know that I will get to hear my life’s biggest happiness from someone else’s mom. He says I heard Kiara and your conversation in the hospital and was confused thinking if he shall be happy or sad. He says Kiara is our daughter, and you have snatched 1000’s of happiness which I was waiting for…to hold her, raise her up, her first birthday, gift etc, you have snatched everything. He says you didn’t tell me before, but why didn’t you tell me when you met me. He says although he has a daughter, but he thought himself fatherless. He says when I was telling you about Kiara, you didn’t melt and tell me about her. When Tanu wanted me to accept her baby and said that Nikhil’s baby is mine, you wanted me to accept that baby and asks why she didn’t feel any sympathy for him, and didn’t tell him about his own daughter. He says do you want me to yearn for her die. He says I will give you the same pain which you gave to me. Pragya says no. Abhi says I will take my daughter with me, and says I would have taken you with me if you had told me before, you have kept Kiara away from me for 7 years, now I will keep you away from her all life.

Pragya recalls her dreams and says she is my daughter, you can’t do this. Abhi says where it is written that a father has no rights on her daughter. Pragya says she is my daughter, I gave her birth. Abhi says she is my daughter too, I gave her blood. Pragya says I kept her in my womb for 9 months. Abhi says you have kept me away for 7 years and tells that he will take her. Pragya says she is not your daughter, but of Mr. King. Abhi is shocked and says she is my daughter, I know. Pragya says you know the truth and you are misunderstanding. Abhi says I know this is lie.

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