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#KumkumBhagya 21st November'17 Written Episode / video >> @tsvidzz
Credit: H Hasan

The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Tanu that they have to make the arrangements before Munni wakes up. Pragya gets up and thinks to make Abhi breakfast before he wakes up. Aaliya pours kerosene oil on floor to make Pragya fall down the stairs. She tells that once Pragya falls down and get injured, they will take her to hospital and then will bribe doctor or nurse and will not let her be fine again. Pragya hears them and thinks what to do to make their plan fail. She sees Abhi waking up from sleep and asks him to keep her glass in kitchen. He asks are you mad, am I your servant to keep your glass there. Pragya makes some milk from glass fall on him and asks him to change his tshirt. He goes to change his tshirt. Pragya thinks of a plan.

Servant tells Simonika that her breakfast is ready. Simonika scolds Servant for being late of 2 mins and then cheers up herself. She thinks she will be near her target and thinks to wear simple clothes which will make her look poor. She thinks she will bite Pragya and her kumkum being snake which she is feeding. Mitali is going upstairs. Aaliya stops her and says Robin cleaned the floor and asks her to come later. Mitali thanks her. Aaliya gives her idea to make breakfast for Raj, so that she can keep her away from there. Mitali says it is a good idea and asks why she is using her mind for her. Aaliya praises her. Mitali gets doubtful.
Pragya pretends to talk to Inspector and thanks him for saving kids. Tanu hears her and thinks how she got kids. She steps down the stairs to inform Aaliya and falls down on her. Dadi and Dasi taunt Tanu. Pragya smiles. Aaliya calls Robin and asks him to take Tanu to room. Tanu shouts at him. Mitali says she will help her. Aaliya asks Tanu to rest in room. Tanu feels much pain. Pragya comes there and asks her to sit and talk. She says it is tit for tat and says one shall be careful while digging well for others. Tanu says you will be punished. Pragya says she will handle them this way. Tanu curses her. Pragya says she is busy and have to be with Abhi.

#KumkumBhagya 20 November'17 Written Episode / video >> @tsvidzz
Credit: H Hasan

The Episode starts with Disha feeling pain in her feet. Purab cares for her pain. She feels she is falling in love more with him. Pragya thinks she won’t let anything happen to Abhi. Simonika gets down the stairs. Abhi thanks her for saving his life. Simonika says she has to do as her family must be worried for her. Pragya reminisces Sarla’s worry for her and tells the same. Abhi thinks how she knows about Sarla and Bulbul. She tells driver will drop you. Simonika asks at what time to come tomorrow. Pragya says 10 am. Simonika thanks her and goes. Abhi tells Pragya how she came to know about Sarla and Bulbul and says she acts as if she is Pragya. Pragya says she is real Pragya. Tanu hears them and thinks they are arguing as real husband and wife. Aaliya thinks to hide some cash for her bad days.

Tanu comes there and says Munni is Pragya. Aaliya asks her to go and says she is doing some work. She closes the door. Taya ji asks Dadi what is happening, as Abhi was attacked thrice. Dasi says yes. Taya ji says we have to take an action. Abhi comes there and tells that he is thinking about Munni’s motive to stay here. Dadi asks him to think about the person who wants to kill him. Abhi says first he has to handle Munni. Pragya gets Simonika’s prescription and earring and thinks to give it to her. She thinks about the shooter and thinks he was having blue tooth and thinks who is he?

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