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Traditional Thai Scrub. Swipe to the right.
In one of my visits to Thailand, I was introduced to a traditional Thai body scrub.
The scrub helps with moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. Also, helps whitening any discolourations or dark spots.
While some body scrubs can be harmful with chemical ingredients, this scrub contains from all- natural sources.
One of the Thai local Esthetician gave me a full body scrub, my skin felt very fresh and rejuvenating after.
I have listed all the ingredients below which can be found in your local stores or your kitchen. You can treat yourself to a nice natural and economical friendly body exfoliation.
The ingredeints are:
Salt with Alleppey turmeric.
Yellow Turmeric.
Phlai honey (it is derived from the tree of Phlai)
Once you mixed all the ingredients, you can apply it on your body. You can leave it any where between 15 and 30 minutes before washing.
Leave a comment below 👇 if you have tried this or something similar to it. 🙏😊😊

"At the end, all my troubles will be memories.

All my clothes go to charity.

All my goals will be reality, all my hopes will be novelty.

A the end, everyone leaves from the theatre.
My purpose isn't to be popular.

At the end, all my poems will be relevant.
Who's got time for any pessimist."T.A

"The desert and me, my hair flows with wind.
The sunset in peace, all my feelings are in paintings with dreams.
The desert and me, the kiss of sunset is closer.
The journy is more clear, brighter.
The desert and me, I have left my heart there.
I have left my past there" T.A

"My dreams are full of laughters, they look so attractive.
My dreams are the art of a painter, they look so real.
My dreams live in a home with sound of music. My dreams are colorless, sometimes green.
My dreams have only one problem, they are in the distance not in the moment" T.A

What is your dream?. ..

"My soul is ageless, sometimes gets mischefts.
My soul is free in the prison of ages.
My soul gets restless in the passing of  moments". T.A

"The rythem of love is moving with the waves of the ocean.
My thoughts are swimming with the speed of  moments.
The memories do exist in paintings of an artist.
My feelings are dancing in the words of a poet".T.A

"The freedom of thoughts over fearful  journeys.
The power of will on the mountain of hope.
The sound of love to the endless possibilities.
The power of silence over meaningless speaches.
The search of something other than black and white."T.A

"Far away, I have sang the melody  of freedom, live in my dreams many times, woke up not knowing why reality Is so unrealistic.

Far away I have left my wings, yet I can still hear the sound of my paradise.
Far away, I heard there is a heaven that keeps our fears in solitude and In their schools they teach the language of hope.

Far away cannot  be found on any maps but I know the sound of ocean will take me there someday..... "T.A

"In the land of play everything is possible.
In the field of childhood every dream is powerful.
Let's dream, play, feel the sky.
Let's bring our imaginations to life." T.A

"One snowy day, In the dazzling wind of February, the feel of cold is temporary.
One snowy day, dancing winter is complementary.
We look up to feel the snowflakes, or down to wipe our faces,  but the feeling is momentarily.
We seek warmth under the gray sky.
we want love between the frozen hearts.
We want to live forever but can't wait for the next moments.
One snowy day, life is so imaginary. "T.A

"I need to escape to the places I've never touch.
I need to escape from the routine of life.
I need to fly on the oceans and farms.
I must feel a new air in my lounges.
I must escape to those towns with hearts and songs.
I need to escape to nowhere to be found.
I need to escape to strenthging my thoughts.
I need to escape....." T.A

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